Review: Always and Forever Love by Lynn Crandall

Always and Forever Love by Lynn Crandall
Series:  Lacey and Sterling (# 2)
Release Date: December 16, 2013
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Pages: 196
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

The presence of a ghost in her life doesn’t alarm Lacey Aegar – in fact it makes her happy. Two and a half years ago when her dead husband, Nicholas, reappeared in her life as a full-bodied spirit, she questioned her sanity. But with Nicholas’s explanation that things about life are not as she’s always believed, she settled into a pleasant routine of working with her sister at their private investigation business and enjoying home life with her now eight-year-old son – with Nicholas never very far away.

Lacey’s complacency and sense of stability is sent topsy-turvy when she runs into Jackson Carter, the son of powerful and influential business tycoon William Carter. Typical of the Carter reputation, Jackson’s slick new private investigating business is siphoning off clients from the Aegar sisters’ business, creating financial difficulty. It’s a recurring nightmare for Lacey, who has already seen damage done by the Carter family, and when she encounters Jackson, she wants nothing to do with him.

But things are not what they seem when it comes to Jackson Carter, either. He’s fighting a battle to preserve his business, too, and his integrity. For him, it’s a fight for his soul. As they work together, Jackson and Lacey not only face death, they come to grips with their feelings about love and life.


Review: Nicholas and Lacey had the always and forever kind of love. Then Nicholas died, leaving Lacey alone to raise their son. But, Lacey soon discovers that she can still see Nicholas. She is the only one who can and so it became their little secret and the secret to how Lacey has managed cope.

If you lost your significant other and then found out they could still be in your life, albiet as a ghost, you might find yourself being thankful to still have that person no matter what. Lacey was just happy and relieved that she could still see him and have him participate in her life to some extent, though she never realized she wasn’t really living her life to it’s full potential. Until Jackson Carter entered her life and awoke long dormant needs and feelings in Lacey.

Although this is a fantasy, it would be hard to let go of someone you loved and move forward without them, by choice. Nicholas knows it’s time for Lacey to realize she can’t continue to live as she has been and helps her adjust to the idea of life without him.

Meanwhile, Jackson is trying to live down his father’s reputation as a ruthless man that apparently has no conscience. Not only that , Jackson has to ward off his father’s manipulations and guilt trips because Jackson has chosen to step out of his father’s shadow and be his own man. He lived his life being judged by others because of his father and is tired of it.

Lacey has already made up her mind about Jackson based on who his father is, but not only that she is super angry that he is stealing away her clients. It was kind of funny when they had their first meeting and Jackson refuses to be the jerk Lacey is convinced he is. When he offers Lacey a job she simply can’t turn it down.

Jackson’s integrity and honor will have you rooting for him as he attempts to uncover a mole in his company and while he tries to investigate a dangerous medical treatment that could have devastating side effects. While we know Jackson’s true heart, Lacey will need some convincing.

This is a sweet love story with strong paranormal elements and suspense. The romance between Lacey and Nicholas will certainly have you reaching for the tissues as the inevitable goodbye takes place, but then when Lacey finally allows Jackson the chance to show her the kind of man he really is, you’ll find a big smile on your face.

Before Lacey and Jackson will have the chance to explore their new relationship they will have to uncover a conspiracy and come out of it alive.

The secondary characters of Sterling and Ben support and love for Lacey as she goes through some major life changes.

The plot regarding the undercover operation was a little rushed and could have been a little more detailed, and the romance between Lacey and Jackson turned serious pretty fast after such a bumpy start. Having said that though I did like the maturity the couple showed by not constantly sniping at each other and saying things to one another just to cause pain. So, even though Lacey was determined to dislike Jackson initially, she did open her mind to the possibility that he was a good guy afer all , which made it possible for her to open her heart to him too. So, yes the romance did move pretty fast, but when you know it’s right, why wait?

This story is pretty light hearted with a low heat level and very little language and no graphic violence. I would recommend it anyone that enjoys romance in contemporary settings.