Review: A Whisper In The Wind by Madeline Baker

Whisper In The Wind by Madeline Baker
Re-release Date: November 22, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Pages: 263
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

The Black Hills—a land of fragrant pines and vast blue skies, a sacred land inhabited by the buffalo, the bear, the hawk and the eagle. An untamed land, where the Cheyenne roamed free.

Accustomed to the ways of the white man, Michael Wolf agrees to seek a vision to fulfill the dying wish of his Cheyenne grandfather. But through a twist in time, Michael finds himself in the past, in the last golden days before the battle of the Little Big Horn. Here, in the land of the spotted eagle, he also finds the woman of his dreams.

Elayna had been raised to fear the Indians who roam the land, but all that changes when she is kidnapped by the Cheyenne warrior now known as Wolf. In time, her disdain changes to desire as love blossoms between them, and with it a growing fear that their time together is little more than a whisper in the wind.


Review:  I’m a big fan of westerns and historicals, so I always love to jump at the chance to read a combination of both. But, what I look for when I read them is the ability for the author draw me so completely into the story line with the characters that I feel as if I’ve gone back to that particular time period. This author creates just such a story but with a time travel twist. I truly had a wonderful experience reading this novel!

Michael Wolf is a wonderful character! I loved the way Ms. Baker chiseled him. He was a character that instantly stole my heart and hasn’t given it back yet. Watching him with his realizations of love and the decisions he had to make in honoring his grandfather’s wishes was both enlightening and emotional. I truly could feel his inner struggles!

Elayna. Now there is a character I won’t soon forget. Her emotions were truly strong! I loved watching her overcome her fear. When she was taken captive, I truly felt her turmoil. It was very gripping!

Ms. Baker has made a forever fan out of me, for sure! I am happy to add this to my long list of re-reads. From history, to love and inner struggles, this book has it all. With ups and downs, and lots of great scenes, this author is a wonderful one and definitely get high recommendations from this reader! Fabulous job, Ms. Baker!