Review: A Vampire For Halloween by Lauren Pilla

A Vampire For Halloween by Lauren Pilla
Release Date:  October 1, 2012
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Pages: 48
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Alexis is obsessed with Halloween. With her house decked out to the nines no one could possibly disagree. Ghosts and vampires sway against her walls while a scarecrow guards her front yard. Alexis, however has no one to guard her subconscious and is pleasurably invaded by a dark, sexy and mysterious man night after night.

Luke Ellis is a 472 year old vampire who is madly in love with Alexis. He invades her dreams, knowing it’s the only way he can be with her, until he gets the brilliant idea to invite her to his annual Halloween party.

Alexis has heard rumors about the wild parties held at the Ellis mansion and couldn’t wait to attend. What she doesn’t know is her mysterious man is also there… waiting. Will she have a real life encounter with her fantasy man or will her dreams turn into a nightmare?


Review: Alexis loves Halloween and has decorated her house in everything that she can find to do with her favorite holiday. She watches horror movies just to scare herself at night and she is now having dreams about a man she knows nothing about. He comes to her every night and the things they do are hot and all she is left with in the mornings is this feeling of emptiness and a nameless man. She wishes that he was real but knows he is only make believe. Before too much longer she has this feeling that someone is watching her from her window. She knows when she is given an invitation to the Ellis party she has to go. No one has ever been there but she has heard rumors and can’t give this chance up no matter if it’s Halloween or not.

Luke Ellis knows that Alexis is the woman for him even though she is human. Since the first night he laid eyes on her he knows she is the one that will forever hold his heart. He goes against his brother and invites her to the Halloween party. Boy will she be surprised when she finds out that these aren’t people with costumes but real life. I love a vampire that goes after what he wants.

I will have to say that the chocolate dream was the best one in the book. It made me want to get my own chocolate and make some great memories myself. Luke and his brother are over all the supernatural beings and they seem to have a really good head on their shoulders. I don’t know what I would do if I had a man come to me every night in my dreams and leave in the mornings. Especially if I didn’t know his name. This might have been a very short read but I loved it. Good to see some stories with some great vampires that can show some human feelings.