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Long-Distance Love in 2014

In 2005, I met the man who would eventually become my husband. I met him on the internet way before online dating became socially acceptable. Back then, if you had an “online boyfriend” people gave you a side-eye and wondered what was wrong with you. When people asked me how I met him, I didn’t say “in a gaming chat room,” I said, “Oh, I knew him from…” or “Oh, we have friends in common…” or I’d just try to avoid the “how did you meet” situation altogether.

In 2014, online match-ups happen in a totally different social culture. I bet you have met a romantic interest online, and if you haven’t, I bet you know somebody who has (and you didn’t bat an eyelash at the news). And I bet you or your long-distance-relationship friends have given a lot of thought to keeping in touch and maintaining a healthy relationship while living in different cities, states, or even hemispheres.

We’ve come a long way from the days of sending hand-written letters. Emailing and phone calls are old news. Now it’s all about the texting, the Facebook and Twitter dating, and Skype.

DialMforMenageOh, Skype. Naughty Skype. I discovered some of Skype’s potential while writing “Dial M for Ménage”, which isn’t about people in a long-distance/online relationship, but is about a trio of lovers named Liam, Hunter and Kat, who face some challenges with juggling three different careers and two different households. Can you still have a threesome when two people are in Baltimore and one is in Las Vegas? (Answer: Oh yeah. It’s like everybody’s riiiiiiight there together.)

Here’s where I out myself as a true weirdo: I’ve never used Skype outside a fictional context. In my online dating days, dates happened via grainy, jittery web cam or by old-fashioned phone calls.

On landlines.

(I know, right?)

But enough of me waving my dating history (and my age) all over the internet. Now it’s your turn. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? How did you connect with your partner across the miles?

* * * *

ERD head shot 2014Emily Ryan-Davis is a lifelong East Coaster whose passion for the written word saw her through jobs writing obituaries, press releases and grants before she decided “I’m going to do this” and sat down to write a book. And then she wrote a book. Several, actually, in a variety of steamy romance sub-genres. Life has undergone many changes since that first book. Now she spends her days writing full-time and parenting even-fuller-time. All the usual author loves apply, with chocolate, coffee and cats at the top the list.

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