Review: The Impetuous Amazon by Sandy James

The Impetuous Amazon by Sandy James
Series: Alliance of the Amazons (# 2)
Release Date: January 14, 2013
Publisher: Carina Press
Pages: 261
Source: book provided by the author for review

Megan Feurer is strong and impetuous, like the Fire element she represents. She is an Amazon, sworn to protect humanity from demons, demigods and all manner of supernatural beings who wish ill upon the world. But her fire burns hot and fast, and her unpredictable control of the element brings into question her fitness as an Amazon.

Johann Herrmann chose the life of a Sentinel–a trainer of the four Amazons–to save his sister’s life. Now bound to the patron goddess Rhiannon, he knows his duty demands a solitary existence. But when he’s assigned to evaluate the Fire Amazon, his sacrifice becomes much more difficult.

Megan’s passions ignite a flame that neither she nor Johann can control, and the goddess Freya has reason to fan those flames. A mysterious force is gaining power, and Megan and Johann must join together to fight. And once a passionate fire has started, it’s nearly impossible to stop…

Find out how it all began in The Reluctant Amazon.


Review:  This is book two in the Alliance of the Amazon series and it did not disappoint. There was enough background information to refresh some of the highlights from book one, The Reluctant Amazon, and it picked up soon after book one ended.

This is Megan and Johann’s story and what a story it is. There are more powers to deal with along with a sense of evil that permeates everything plus Helen who’s gone rogue to deal with along with sisters, goddesses, Sentinels, the Amazons, battles and the changelings. Max was nothing but creepy and it was hard to keep watching him succeed at his evil. It was fun to watch Megan and Johann falling in love and also how well the sisters worked together with the Sentinels to overpower evil.

While much of the story took place in and around Chicago we were transported back to Avalon as well. Being reunited with characters we met before was a plus since I like that we are able to keep up with their lives as well. There was wonderful closure that was totally unexpected. I look forward to reading book three in the series, The Brazen Amazon, and hope I will be able to read book four, The Volatile Amazon as well.

James’ books have been added to my TBR pile since I can’t get enough of her. With books spanning various genres I will find lots of books to pique my interest!

Favorite Quote: Despite what people thought, thanks to her overly sensuous nature, she’d only had a handful of lovers. She wasn’t about to start sleeping around now simply because she could. Megan kept up the flirting for appearances sake. She was, after all, Fire and was supposed to be volatile.