Review: Interchangeable by Kim Carmichael

Interchangeable by Kim Carmichael
Series: 1NightStand (# 175)
Release Date: July 6, 2013
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Pages: 49
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Five years ago Dahlia Adair left her business partners, the two men she loved. Unable to choose between them, she vanished with their venture capital and their hearts. Betrayed by the woman they both love, Todd Shelton and Cooper Montgomery dissolved their company and their friendship.

When Todd and Cooper reunite, they can’t move forward with their new business until they confront the woman who called them “interchangeable” before she disappeared.

Five years later, Dahlia wants to live without looking over her shoulder, Todd wants his love and his friend back, and Cooper wants answers. With the help of Madame Eve and 1Night Stand, they give Dahlia the chance to live free of repercussions for her crimes if she’ll agree to spend one night with them, vowing to make her aware of their differences, and offer her a life they’re sure she can’t refuse.


Review: Interchangeable by Kim Carmichael is the one hundred and seventy fifth book in the 1NightStand series. The 1NightStand series is written by a group of authors about a mysterious woman that plays matchmaker where the couple matched end up having a happily ever after. I chose this book because I have enjoyed each book I have read in the series.

Dahlia stole more than money from Todd and Cooper five years ago. She also left with their hearts. Dahlia reasons for leaving was she could not decide between the two men. However she left with the money they all were going to use to start the business. At the start of the book I did not understand Dahlia why she would do what she did. Dahlia comes across as a smart woman who did not think everything through but just acted.

Todd and Cooper are going to restart their own business as well as get there friendship back on track. They have not spoken much since they found out they both were sleeping with Dahlia. Both Todd and Cooper come across as hot and sexy man who want answers so they can move on.

The chemistry between Todd and Dahlia and Cooper and Dahlia is blistering. They make a great ménage couple. The sex scenes were steamy. I liked that in these 49 pages it was more story than sex scenes.

I found parts of this story unrealistic. Todd and Cooper lost a lot on money because of Dahlia and its forgotten if she sleeps with them for one night. I find it hard to believe that they will let it go and this issue want resurface in the future at some point. I found this story well written. The main characters were interesting. I wish the story was longer and more flushed out. Overall this was an interesting book. I will be on the lookout for more by Ms. Carmichael in the future.


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