Review: Flirting With Fangs by Peg Pierson

Flirting With Fangs by Peg Pierson
Release Date: September 27, 2012
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages:  302
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Vampire romance novelist Bailey Hamilton believes her life is over. Her two-timing husband dumped her. She’s developed a paralyzing case of writers’ block that threatens to end her career.  And her big toe is bleeding.
Torin Kane, vampire hero, is miserable. Chapter after chapter he’s battled dragons and demons in pursuit of his archenemy, the treacherous vampire queen, Lillianna.  And though his author, Bailey Hamilton, gives him plenty of bodices to rip along the way, Torin’s secret desire is to find true love. And maybe something else to wear besides a cape and shiny boots.

With a twist of fate their worlds collide. A magical teardrop summons the sexy fictional vampire to life. And Bailey finds herself face to face with quite literally, the man of her dreams.


Review: This is one book that I loved. Who wouldn’t love to be with the man that they fall in love with in a book?

Bailey Hamilton is having a rough time. She needs to get the seventh book in her series done but with the break up of her marriage to a scum that she caught cheating on her, for some reason she thinks it’s her fault. She hasn’t had no inspiration to write and can’t seem to come up with a good storyline. Her friend and editor is going crazy because what she has written is so bad. They will both go broke it something doesn’t happen soon. Good thing Torin Kane the vampire in her story ends up in her bathroom. Now this is a man worth dying for.

If only Torin was the only one in the mortal world. Seems that Lillianna has made a deal with the devil and has to do it for letting her come to the mortal realm. I will say this is one bad woman but she does show Richard, who is Bailey ex a thing or two. I can’t say that I hated that idea. No one knows what Lillianna has planned and that is the bad thing. Hopefully Bailey and Torin can work together to defeat Lillianna.

With all the books that I have read this one I have to say is one of the best. I love books with vampires and I will admit that I have fallen in love with several of the main characters in a book. If I ever had the chance to have one of the sexy males come alive in a book. I would never let them go. You would know that they would know how to treat a lady. At least that is something that Torin knows how to do. All I can say is this book was more than I expected. I am still wanting more. I love the storyline and the ending is one that will be in my mind. I will just say I will be having some wonderful dreams tonight.  This author did a great job and I will have to check out and see if she has anymore books out there to read.

I will warn you that this book has some really hot and steamy scenes in it. Some might just be a little too hot for you. This is how I love my books, so I will say that this bo0k really hit the spot.