Review: Capturing The Marshal’s Heart by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Capturing The Marshal’s Heart by Linda Carroll Bradd
Release Date:  August 14, 2013
Publisher: Inked Figments
Pages: 138
Source: book provided by the author for review

Jessimay “Jazzy” Morgan boards a westbound stagecoach, intent on building a respectable future with the money earned in Miss Veronica’s Pleasure Emporium. Polite society is more taxing than she’d imagined, especially when her first thoughts of a handsome stranger center on the fee she’d likely get. When she finds him in her boardinghouse room, she can’t resist a little playacting. During a sexy night with the marshal, her needs are tenderly considered and she loses a little bit of her heart. The next day, the stagecoach is robbed and the women kidnapped. Jazzy is crushed at leaving a beaten Slade behind. Planning an escape against huge odds is tough, but confessing her past to a respectable man like Slade is almost impossible.

Boarding a westbound stage in San Antonio, US Marshal Slade Thomas realizes three of the female passengers resemble the wanted poster for a bank robber. The audacious behavior of one woman draws his attention and his suspicions lead him to search her room. When she returns, he can’t resist her playful nature and a rousing night of passion ensues. The next day on the stagecoach neither knows what to say to the other. Then bandits attack, steal the valuables and the women, leaving the marshal badly injured. When Slade tracks down the kidnapped women, he must choose between capturing the bandit and saving Jazzy. A choice between his duty and his heart.


Review: Absolutely wonderful! Ms. Carroll-Bradd has done an amazing job of capturing MY heart with this awesomely written novella. From start to finish, she had me in the middle of history, in the middle of a story full of humor, twists and passion. I felt everything that each character felt. The characters, both good and bad, held my heart from the beginning. When I reached the last page…I wanted more.

Jessimay’s character was astonishingly created. She was naïve, yet she was experienced and knew what she wanted. She was a sweet character that, despite her profession, was innocent at heart. She knew  what she wanted, though, and she was determined to get it! I loved being able to walk beside her through the story and feel her emotions come to life.

Slade…now THAT’S a character that you don’t want to miss. He was an “oh,la,la” character  from the start and I was in love with him. He was strongly chiseled and full of desirable passion. I loved how he did is investigation and I wanted to be Jazzy on more than one occasion!

The secondary characters were also wonderfully done. The lent the right amount of mystery to this fun-loving, passion filled story! Mrs. Harrington was one such character and I was torn between liking and disliking her. That’s perfect, in my opinion, when I can love and hate a character.

I highly recommend this story with flying colors! Ms. Carroll-Bradd’s attention to detail and the sparks of passion that leap off the pages as you turn each one………oh yea. Definitely worth the time to read this book! If you are looking for a quick, fun, sexy read, then grab this book up. You’ll be swept away to another time in history and get a taste of a fiery passion like no other! Well done, Ms. Carroll-Bradd , on this heart-capturing story. I can’t wait for more of your wonderful work!

Favorite Quote: Her body stiffened. “What’s this?”

“A test of your control.” His voice was pitched low and he studied her expression to make sure she wasn’t panicked. Seeing her steady gaze, he ran his fingertips along the inside of her wrist to the crook of her elbow. “I want to touch you all over.”