Review: Betrayal by Sandra Schwab

Betrayal by Sandra Schwab
Release Date: December 18, 2013
Publisher: Sandra Schwab
Pages:  168
Source: book provided by the author for review

For seventeen long years, Ash has been eaten up with bitterness and hatred, caught fast in the clutches of the past. For seventeen years he has not been able to look at the boy he raised as his heir and not remember the terrible betrayal he had to endure. And yet, for seventeen years he has closed his eyes against the even more terrible truth…

Seventeen years ago Georgina fled from England and all she ever held dear. But fo the sake of her child, she must return to confront the man whom she once loved moe than life itself until lies and deceit tore her life and marriage apart.
Will their love stand a second chance?


Review:  Well, my goodness! What a story! The inspiration for the this novel came from “The Parent Trap.” Ash has a child and Georgina has a child. They are twins, but unaware of each other.

Ash has never been able to bond with his son. The doubt in the back of his mind that the boy isn’t really his heir keeps him from being able to connect with him.

When a situation occurs that brings his former wife, Georgina back to England all the sweet memories come back to Ash and Georgina, but are mixed the memories of betrayal. Ash’s sweet, beautiful, sensual wife was sleeping with his best friend. For seventeen years Ash has stewed in his anger and pain.

Georgina has tried to put the best face on her life she could. A cheerful woman that lives from one day to the next by refusing to indulge in self pity or allow the memories, both good and bad to come to the surface.  When Ash and Georgina find themselves face to face after all these years, he finds that not only is he still in terrible pain, but he is still in love with Georgina.

The opportunity to finally give Georgina fits for the wrongs she committed are too great to pass up. But, she doesn’t give in to his barbs easily, making him furious. Then he goes too far and realizes he still cares for her after all.

You will not be able to read this book without a box of tissues. When one brave soul comes forward and reveals a stunning secret the realization that these two people have been robbed of so many years together is so sad. The effect it has on the children and what they missed out on and will never be able to go back and recapture is almost more than Ash can bear. If he thought he knew pain before, he really suffers when the truth finally comes out.

Many of the issues this couple endured was due to their youth. They were so young and so deeply in love with each other, but didn’t have the maturity to stop and reason out the situation. Ash’s temper was notorious, so you could imagine him at nineteen being very quick tempered. So, when someone comes to him of good authority and tells him they have seen his wife with his best friend he just reacted. Georgina’s pride caused her to refuse to give credence to the accusations. There was only one other person that knew the truth and that person was hiding an explosive secret .

After seventeen long years of dealing with pain and disgrace and disloyalty and betrayal it would be hard to just pick back up and put all that behind you. But, with a powerful love that could not be denied these two just might be able to pull it off.

Did I like the characters? Well Ash was hard to warm up to despite my feeling that I would most likely feel the same way. Georgina was a cool customer , a woman that suffered greatly for no good reason, but a woman with a HUGE heart and the courage to reclaim what she lost all those years ago.

The steam level on this one was a 2. There were some erotic suggestions, but mostly these were from memories and not too detailed. Our lovebirds are able to finally come together again after all this time and it seems the passion is just as strong even though they are older.