Review: Accidentally…Cimil? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Accidentally…Cimil? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Series: The Accidentally Yours (# 4.5)
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher:   Forever Yours
Pages: 122
Source:  book provided by NetGalley for review

Meet Cimil. Yeah, she’s the Goddess of the Underworld, harbinger of all things evil and deadly, yadda, yadda . . . but she’s also crazy fun! While minding her own business in Giza, Egypt, around 3000 BC (give or take a few centuries), she spots the hottest mortal her immortal eyes have ever seen. And he’s not just any guy-he’s the strong, powerful pharaoh who’s fallen madly in love with her. But when he kills her pet unicorn, Cimil vows revenge, even if takes thousands of years to get even.

When Roberto meets Cimil, the king knows she’s his soul mate. It isn’t just her beautiful eyes or gorgeous body, but the godly power he feels simmering just beneath her fun-loving surface. They were the perfect couple . . . until the dead unicorn thing. Now after four thousand years, Roberto crosses paths with Cimil again, and his love for her is stronger than ever. But can he prove that he can once again be trusted with her heart?


Review: I have really enjoyed reading each and every book in this series and I hate that this series will soon be over. At least in this book we get a lot of questions answered.

In every book you get to see a little of Cimil and she is one crazy woman. In this book we find out why she is the way she is. She is how the vampires got invented and all the bad guys that are out to kill them all. She has meet the woman that she is in the future and she has told her things she never wanted to know. So to save mankind she has to be evil. She also has to find mates for all the other gods and goddesses. She sure has her work cut out for her. If you have meet all her brothers and sisters you know she had a task that is way beyond what any one person should have to do. Guess that’s why she’s a goddess.

Roberto was once the pharaoh of Egypt and had a lot going for him. He ended up falling for Cimil and that is what changed the worlds fate. The love they shared made him into the first vampire. He spends centuries trying to get Cimil to become his wife and the mother of his babies. He knows that she still has some good inside her and wants to do all he can to bring it back to life. He is the leader of vampires and he is on the good side. I’m not saying that he was never evil. At first I didn’t know how to take him but I grew to like him if not love him.

In this book we really learn the secrets that Cimil was trying to keep hidden from everyone. This book was shorter than I liked and I am still wondering how this series will end. I have really grown to love each and every character I have met and I want more. Cimil was always a little out there and you just knew she had some screws loose. Now we find out why she is the way she is and she did try to help her siblings out and help the future of mankind. I’m not saying that this book answers all your questions it just tells you why Cimil is Cimil and how things became to be. Sometimes the choices we make in the past comes back to haunt us in the future.

I can’t wait for the next book and I don’t know if it is the last one or not. I just know that I have to read it.