Interview: Holden Granger

herfavoritevice_200x300Jen:  Today we welcome Holden Granger to Romancing the Book.  Holden will you share a short bio with us?
Holden: Holden Granger brings a wide variety of life experiences to his writing. He has worked as a political campaign manager, private investigator and financial industry entrepreneur. Holden has also traveled extensively in the United States, Europe and Asia in search of cultural perspectives on love, sex and relationships. He has published other works with Breathless Press including Amateur Night and The Strength to Submit. Fans can contact him at

Jen: Tell us about your newest release.
Holden: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to discuss my latest story, Her Favorite Vice. I’m really excited to see it released by Breathless Press!

Here’s the blurb:

Kelly Thomas just made detective in the Vice Squad. Going undercover with her new partner, Detective Mackie, puts her to the ultimate test.

Kelly Thomas has worked hard to make detective and be taken seriously as a cop. Now she’s been given her first major case on the Vice Squad, and it’s the kind that can make a career. Going undercover to pose as a high-end escort is going to push her to the limits of her comfort zone. The fact that her new partner, veteran detective Ryan Mackie, tempts her in very unprofessional ways doesn’t make things any easier. Can she keep her cool even as the case heats up?

I always want to write about strong women who overcome obstacles to get what they want. What I think makes an interesting story is a heroine who not only triumphs over challenges from others, but also overcome her own fears and insecurities. In this story, we have a young police detective who has to take on her first major undercover assignment. I thought of this while watching one of those reality shows where they follow police officers as they do their jobs, in one case it was a young woman posing as a prostitute. That launched me into this story of a high-priced escort service and this young woman who has to bring it all down, confronting her fears along the way.

Enjoy this short excerpt:

Ryan reached out and pulled her in slowly. Kelly looked down in a flirty display of mock shyness. Ryan gripped her chin and tilted her face upwards toward his. She was momentarily distracted by the how the gentleness of his grip contrasted with the hands that looked so hard and rough. All other thought vanished as he leaned down. Kelly’s mind had time register that they were about to kiss when his lips touched hers.

It was for the benefit of the camera. This was her police partner, but the kiss chased the reservations away. His lips were soft but demanding, and his hands drifted to her hips, pulling her against him. She felt his mouth open and hers followed. She wondered for a moment what tongues were supposed to do in a fake kiss. He answered the question as he tasted her. This wasn’t a fake kiss. His tongue teased her and she melted into him.

He pulled away. She moaned a little in disappointment and was shocked to realize it wasn’t all an act.

“I’ve waited a long time for this. I’ve got to have you,” Ryan said, reaching for the bottom of her dress. Kelly went stiff, but Ryan felt her tension and gave her a wink.

Kelly relaxed and grinned back. This was a show, but they could have fun with it.

“Aren’t you impatient,” Kelly said with a scolding laugh “Is this how you treat a lady?” She made sure her back was to the camera as she moved closer to the side of the bed.

“I’m not waiting another minute,” Ryan said and reached again for the hem of her dress.

This time she let him have it and obediently raised her arms. Ryan lifted the dress over her head. He paused, studying her a little too long for her comfort. In a silk lace bra that in stronger light would be nearly transparent and a tiny thong that barely covered her sex, Kelly struggled not to be self-conscious. She’d never expected to have to reveal this much in a sting operation.

Jen: What kind of research did you do for this book?
Holden: My research for this book was a lot of time on Google searching “prostitution sting operations”. I hope I never have to explain that a computer repair guy!

Jen: Do you have a writing routine?
Holden: My writing routine is not quite the regular system I would like it to be. Between work, family and charity activity, I find myself sitting down at odd times. There are a couple of rituals I have. Before I start, I pick some music to listen to get me in the right mood. If it is a sentimental part, I might listen to someone like Sarah McLachlan, if it is a sex scene, I might listen to Rihanna. Once I’ve listened to enough, it’s time to write. Next, I look at my notes. Anytime a snappy bit of dialogue or idea for a scene comes to me, I jot it down in a small notepad I keep with me.

Jen: How do you keep track of ideas?
Holden: That notepad is how I keep track of ideas that come to me at odd times. Usually, it is in the car or when I am trying to go to sleep. For a long time I thought I would remember anything that was really good, and if I forgot it, it wasn’t worth keeping. Eventually I decided to write down everything and let it stew a while and come back to it. I’m so glad I changed my thinking. Sometimes I’ll go back to something I wrote and be pleasantly surprised because I forgot I wrote it. It may also be months before I find the right place to put a line or passage.

Jen: How did you celebrate your first book?
Holden:To celebrate my first book I took the cover to a professional printer and had it blown up to a poster. I got a nice frame, and hung it on the wall. It is a great reminder of something I never thought I’d actually do; write and be published!

Jen: What’s next?
Holden: I always have a few stories in development. This way when I hit a wall on one, I switch to another. They all have a couple of things in common; strong women who won’t let anything hold them back, and a fun, sexy payoff at the end.

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