Review: The Midnight Masquerade by Monica Corwin

The Midnight Masquerade by Monica Corwin
Series: The Edge Series
Release Date: May 1, 2013
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Pages: 22
Source: book provided by publisher for review

Rumored to be the most debauched party of the year on the East coast, The Midnight Masquerade has only two rules: no one leaves and the masks stay on until midnight.

But what kind of trouble can Hannah and two handsome strangers make before midnight?


Review: This story was wonderful and had so much in it for a short story of only 22 pages. I love it when an author can bring me to a point where all I want to do is read more, more, more and then satisfy me with such a great and sexy ending.

The characters are believable but there is just enough fantasy as well that we as romance readers all want in our stories. Enough fantasy where a girl can dream and say she’d like to be Hannah. Hannah gets invited to a midnight masquerade party, a party that is supposed to be one of the most debauched parties on the East coast. Two handsome strangers to fulfill her fantasies what wonderful sexy fun with a deliciously surprising ending to a sweet short that I’d recommend to friends.



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