Review: The Dungeon by Velvet

The Dungeon by Velvet
Release Date: February 15, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Pages: 147
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

The Dungeon…where lust hurts so good.

Kendall Hall has a successful restaurant in Manhattan and a budding career as a television chef, but despite her accomplishments, there’s still something missing—a satisfying love life. That changes when she becomes a member of The Dungeon, a sensual, sexy and stimulating club where a wide spectrum of BDSM fun is enjoyed. It’s at The Dungeon where she meets her sub, whom she delights in dominating, though Kendall keeps her identify well hidden.

Casino owner Magnus Richards is handsome, charismatic and a member of The Dungeon. He has no idea his Dominatrix is also his business partner, and with Magnus’ face concealed beneath a leather hood, his identity remains secret as well. As they work closely together to open a new restaurant, Kendall and Magnus begin to fall in love…until their BDSM identities are revealed, which could destroy any chance at happiness—professional and personal.


Review: The Dungeon by Velvet is not part of a series but I can see more book in the future. I chose this book because it was interesting even to someone that prefers her erotica to be male dominated instead of female dominated.

Kendall Hall is a successful chef with her own restaurant and a TV series about to hit the air. She is on top of the world and looking to expand. The one thing missing is her love life. To get that on track she joins a BDSM Club called The Dungeon. There she learns to be a dominant. Kendall comes across as a control freak. It fits that she is a domme. It is also realistic that she keeps her identity hidden due to her increased fame.

Magnus Richards is a Casino owner looking for a restaurant to put inside his casino and after meeting Kendall finds she is a perfect fit. Magnus is a strong man. He comes across a good business man.

The chemistry between Magnus and Kendall is blistering hot. The sex scenes were intense. I loved that Magnus and Kendall switched dominate and submissive roles throughout the book. I was not fond of how overly harsh some of the scenes at the BDSM club were.

I found this book to be well written. The main and secondary characters were interesting. I was not fond of how Magnus and Kendall handled there relationship. It comes across as childish and unrealistic when they dragged their friends into it. Overall, this was an interesting read.