Review: Dream Weaver by Storm Savage

Dream Weaver by Storm Savage
Release Date: June 15, 2012
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
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Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

After catching her husband having sex with other women, Celeste turns to her friend for support. Together, the two women devise a wickedly fun plan to turn her husband from his cheating ways. They create Mr. X, a devilishly handsome stud to make Marcus realize what he will lose if he doesn’t change. However, Celeste begins having erotic dreams about the male model from the magazine ad and with each dream her night lover feels closer.

Caught in a vicious game of witnessing her husband’s trysts by day then having mind-blowing sex in her dreams, she struggles to stay on course. Strange happenings begin to cause her concern-a mysterious bite mark on her neck, anonymous messages on her computer, and the model’s photo mysteriously disappears.

When her husband’s affairs continue she begins to lose faith. Can Celeste learn to trust and love again when the right man comes along? Will she impress her new client into more than a sale?


Review: Celeste catches her husband cheating on her with two different women. She goes to her best friend and they make up a plan to make up a man. They name him Mr. X. She also gets a charm that matches the one that he is wearing. When she starts dreaming of him every night and she feels that she knows him and she has always loved him. She gets to feeling that she could really care what her husband Marcus does. She makes sure that she catches him both times on her phone so that she can really sock it to him in divorce court. He is the one that ends up losing everything in court.

I believe that Mr. X is a kind of vampire. He sucks blood but has to have Celeste suck his blood before he can come to her world to be with the love of his life. It seems there is more mystery in this story than you thought it would be at first. I enjoyed figuring out what was going on and what would happen next. I got so caught up in the story that I was lost and hated when I reached the end. I wanted to see what Mr. X really was and all I know is that he needs the blood of the woman he loves to get to the place she is at and he can go to both places after they drink the blood of each other. I believe that there are other books that tell more about what is going on. I had a really great time reading this book.