Review: Blood Bond by Celine Chatillon

Blood Bond by Celine Chatillon
Series: The Kindred (# 2)
Release Date: September 1, 2012
Publisher: eXtasy books
Pages: 77
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Is eternal life, lust and love worth dying for?

Edwin Carstairs travels to Liverpool out of duty only to discover desire in the arms of the wildly sensual Ophelia Jones and her darkly exotic employer known simply as Hamlet. When a vampire hunter threatens to destroy Hamlet, the three lovers’ blood bond is tested. Will Edwin be able to save his Kindred sire and return home in time to see the 1904 World’s Fair?


Review: This was an entertaining short read. This is just one in a series of books but I was able to follow the plot and was not confused with what was going on in the story so I think that each of these books are a stand alone read. If you happen to read this book without reading any of the others, it’s not going to be a big deal. I liked the fact that the story was told through a letter that Edwin wrote to his brother describing what happened to him. I liked that the author switched from the letter to “seeing” the actual characters inter act with each other while the action was actually happening, I think this somehow enriches the story and it keeps me engaged.

I liked Edwin. He was innocent and sweet and a really nice guy. He was “seduced” by Ophelia and Hamlet, but that isn’t a bad thing. He was seduced though, and while some of his innocence was lost due to that happened to him, I was happy to know that he still retained most of his innocence and that nice guy quality. I didn’t want him to change too much.

Ophelia, in my opinion was very one dimensional and I found her to be a flat character. I didn’t like that she called Edwin “Eddie”. Edwin’s character wasn’t an Eddie, and I felt that that took away my desire to try and like her. She was necessary to keep the relationship intact between her Edwin and Hamlet, but I still thought she was flat and kind of a disappointment.

Hamlet had that timeless knowledge and wisdom that bespoke a creature that had been around a long, long time. He was ageless and he’s seen everything… twice. He wasn’t fleshed out as much as Edwin was. I think Hamlet had nice guy qualities, but he definitely was not a nice guy. He wasn’t evil or corrupt, but because of what he was, a nice guy he’ll never be. He was Ophelia’s and Edwin’s protectors and they were his constant companions. It was not a bad read all in all.


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