Review: Angel in Leather by Gwen Campbell

Angel in Leather by Gwen Campbell
Series:  1-800-DOM-help
Release Date:  May 29, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Pages: 140
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Brenna’s a Domme.  No apologies.  Confident.  All attitude.

The scent and sound of leather have always turned her on, almost as much as hearing hard-bodied men beg her for it.  But a deft hand with a paddle doesn’t make up for lonely nights.  She’s looking for a lover, a man who’ll laugh at the comics with her when he’s not moaning with pleasure.

Rick’s a surgeon without a god complex.  Pain’s always made him hard, and being spanked balances a psyche that makes d aily life-and-death decisions for other people. His best friend Malcolm suffers the same needs, and when they spot Brenna at a prestigious BDSM club, they’re determined to make the seductive Domme their exclusive mistress.


Review:  Angel in Leather by Gwen Campbell is part of the 1-800-DOM-help series.  1-800-DOM-help series is a collection of books by different authors about finding the perfect sub or Dominant by a business card that appears.  Those brave enough to call get the experience of a lifetime.

Rick is a surgeon who to escape the pressure of his day job enjoys being a sub.  Rick enjoys being a sub and needs the D/s connection with his Domme.  Rick is a strong and sexy man who is comfortable in what he needs during sex even if he enjoys his privacy and does not want those he works with to know.

Malcolm is a hot and sexy man who is also a pain slut.  He seems to take more pain than even he can handle at times in search of the high it brings.  Malcolm is also a fellow Doctor.

Brenna is a Domme at the local BDSM club.  By day, she is the owner and operator of a soap and fragrance line.  She is confident in what she does and takes great pains not to endanger those subs around her.

The chemistry between Rick, Malcolm and Brenna is blistering.  Its easy to see right from the beginning that while Malcolm likes Brenna she is not the one for him outside the club like she is for Rick.  The sex scenes were scorching.

I loved this story a lot I just wish the relationship between Malcolm and Rick explored more.  Malcolm has been married, and dated without Rick so why does Rick seem to feel guilty about finding a Domme without him?  I found this story well written and the author seems to have a great knowledge of BDSM.  The main and secondary characters were realistic and intriguing.  Overall, I will be reading other books in the series.


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  1. Gwen Campbell says:

    Thank you for taking the time to review my book, Melissa. I’m absolutely tickled you enjoyed it!

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