Review: Whisper To A Scream by Kathryn Loch

Whisper To A Scream by Kathryn Loch
Release Date: August 23, 2012
Publisher: Kathryn Loch
Pages: 261
Source: Book provided by the publisher for review

NYPD Homicide Detective Noah O’Banyon has only been with the department 3 years when he is placed as lead detective on what turns out to be the worst serial murder case in decades. Good old fashioned detective work leads him to John Mesano and Noah is certain he has found the murderer. But an error on the search warrant allows the killer to walk. Noah, helpless when another woman is murdered, resigns his position and leaves NY.

He settles in Petersburg, VA. a university town, but his memories of the vicious crime scenes do not fade. One night he sees apparitions of the murdered victims which leaves Noah certain he is going insane. He discovers Petersburg is one of the few universities with accredited paranormal research classes. The professor is a young Cassandra Morgan who also holds a PhD in Psychology. Noah seeks out her help, trying to determine if the haunting is real or if he is losing it.

While trying to convince Dr. Morgan to help him, the headlines of the morning’s newspaper and a terrible murder of a local woman catch his eye. Noah is horrified to learn the serial killer has followed him to Petersburg and the small university town has become his new killing field. What’s even worse, his growing relationship with Cassie has just made her a target for the serial killer.


Review:   Kathryn Loch has definitely become one of my must read authors.  Based on my previous experience with this author I was expecting a story that would keep me totally entertained and I was not disappointed.   She got my attention from the very first page so much so that it was difficult for me to put down my kindle. I just had to know what next was coming. The storyline was quite captivating and gripping.  There were times when I felt terrified but because of my tenaciousness I kept reading.  When you find a story that can make you feel scared, make you laugh out loud and cry all at the same time then you know you have a winner. Whisper to a Scream did that and more.

The way in which the characters were portrayed made it easy to understand what they were going through and what made them tick.  John Mesano aka The Blind Man clearly had some deep seated issues.  These issues were clearly the contributing factor to him being a serial killer.  Detective Noah O’Banyon was intent on capturing and bringing The Blind Man to justice. This desire became stronger when Dr. Cassie Morgan, his love interest became the target of the Blind Man.

Whisper to a Scream had the right mix of romance, suspense and action. There were also some paranormal elements incorporated within the story.  The only problem I had was the way in which Noah reacted when he thought he had lost the woman he loved.  I thought this part of the story could have handled better.

Overall this was a great read and I would definitely recommend it to readers who are looking a terrifying but exciting read.