Review: The Ice Carousel by Amy Hahn

The Ice Carousel by Amy Hahn
Release Date:  October 5, 2012
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pages: 100
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

She may have forgotten him but her heart hasn’t…Dulcie Thorton returns to Harrison to write a story about the town’s famous Ice Carousel. Not only is it a 100-year tradition at the February Frost Festival, it’s also inspired love among many locals. She’s unaware that she has a history with its mysterious creator though she feels drawn to him when they meet.  Rankin, the carousel’s sculptor, has loved Dulcie for many years. Now she’s finally coming back, just when he, and his magical carousel, will be leaving town forever.

Unless he can win her over and ignite her memories, he can’t stay with her.  Dulcie isn’t sure that magic really exists. Yet how could human hands carve such a wondrous carousel? If she doesn’t remember her connection to Rankin and believe in magic, she will lose the only man she has ever truly loved. And time is running out…


Review:  Ms. Hahn takes us on a magical journey in her novella The Ice Carousel.  She brings magic and love to a small town in Minnesota where for the past 100 years an elf named Rankin has come to the town for their winter festival where he creates a mystical carousel made out of ice.  So beautiful that it inspires those around to fall in love.  Even Rankin fell in love with a young girl who loved the horses the most on this special carousel.  Over the years Rankin too, not immune to the magic, fell in love with this young girl.

I loved the whole aspect of an Ice Carousel that alone would be magical to me.  I love carousels.  They are truly special.

Ms. Hahn has shown us that she is able to provide a very magical and entertaining story even if it is short which can be hard.  She brought the town and people within it to life making us feel the warmth of this really sweet wintery story.  Most of the time I like to hear the background of people within the story but Ms. Hahn was able to capture the essence of the characters by alluding to things.  With the magic woven into the story things seem more plausible or realistic to where the background is not needed.

The depth of feeling that she spins within the magic of this wintery tale makes you want to find your own ice carousel and fall in love all over again.

A longer story yes I would have liked it but, I thoroughly enjoyed it just like it is.  So grab a cup of hot cocoa perhaps some cookies and curl up for the next hour and enjoy the magic of love.