Review: Tall, Dark and Undead by Sandra Cox

Tall, Dark and Undead by Sandra Cox
Release Date: November 28, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 182
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Gutsy, kickass Suzanne James has no intention of complicating her life by falling in love…especially with a vampire. But it’s hard to stay objective when a drop-dead gorgeous male rescues her from three assailants in a dark alley. All but unconscious, she could swear her hero has glowing red eyes and two sharp, pointed teeth.

Adrian Caine has spent the past hundred years, in vampire parlance, a vegetarian. When he rescues a beautiful blonde in a dark alley, it takes all of his formidable control not to backslide. Attraction turns to desire. Even though it’s not in Suzanne’s best interest, he can’t stay away.


Review: Tall, Dark and Undead by Sandra Cox is not part of a series but I would like to see these characters again in the future. I chose this book because I love vampire stories. I find them fascinating how different authors have different takes on what is a vampire and how they behave.

Suzanne James is an administrative assistant at the local hospital who seems to keep getting into trouble gets her hurt and Adrian Caine seems to show up at the right time to keep her from dying. Suzanne is woman who likes being single and seems to jump head first into things without thinking them through. She comes across as a likeable person.

Adrian Caine is a vampire who is now a vegetarian. After rescuing Suzanne, he can’t get her out of his head. Adrian is a very mysterious character who we don’t get to really know until the very end but I found it realistic being he is a vampire who has to protect his secrete.

The chemistry between Adrian and Suzanne is blistering hot. Both of them have a hard time staying away from each other. I loved that this book centered on their relationship and not sex.

I loved this story the way it is! Overall, this was a fabulous story. One I will be rereading in the future. The ending left me with mixed feelings. On one hand, I loved it and on the other, I wanted to know how Suzanne would make out. I will be keeping my eye out for more by Ms. Cox.