Review: Love Bound In Ice by Marisa Chenery

Love Bound In Ice by Marisa Chenery
Series: Werewolf Sentinels (# 3)
Release Date: December 26, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
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Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Finding his mate on an Alaskan glacier, in need of rescue, is the highlight of Ketah’s day. Having that mate reject him outright after a scorching kiss is not. Getting her to agree to see him again is going to be harder than trying to explain his true nature—that of an immortal werewolf.

After Ketah’s toe-curling kiss, Haven knows she’s giving up some fantastic sex, but her mistrust of men has her pushing him away. But when he shows up at the park where she works, she finds herself letting her guard down and agreeing to a date. She just hopes it isn’t the biggest mistake of her life.

But her deadbeat dad’s greed for money soon lands Haven in the hands of the dark wolves, and only thoughts of the sexy werewolf who is her mate keep her hope alive that she’ll see Ketah again.


Review: In each one of these books everyone  claims their mates in different ways. Seems that the more they try to do the right thing the worse it gets. I will just say that there is no right or wrong way to tell someone that they are your mates.

Haven has lived her life knowing that her father doesn’t care about her or her mother. All he wants is money. That is not something that any one would want to live with. When she finds out what Ketah really is and that she is his mate and that he will never have anyone else. She makes him take her as his mate even though he knows she isn’t ready. She just wants to have someone who will always be there for her and will never leave. She wants to see how much the separation anxiety  is and if she can live through it. If only she had let Ketah stay then she wouldn’t be in the trouble that she is in.

I enjoy how each person finds their mates and how much they try to get the mating right each and every time. This series just goes to show you that nothing ever turns out the way you want them to and that there is no wrong or right way. Something will always go wrong. If not then the stories wouldn’t be worth reading. There has to be a little suspense to make the book more intense and make you want to read the rest of the series. I can say that I always can’t wait to read the next one. They are each different but none is better than the other. I can’t seem to pick my favorite one and I would have to read each one before I could do that.