Review: His Pleasure by Melyssa Jay

His Pleasure by Melyssa Jay
Series: Razor’s Edge
Release Date:  August 24, 2012
Publisher: Changeling Press
Pages: 20
Source: book provided by publisher for review

Sir demands complete submission. But sometimes she has trouble living up to what he expects of her. Luckily, Sir has the patience to punish in the most erotic ways possible, even when she’s naughtily disobeyed his order not to come without his permission.


Review:  This was a really short but highly entertaining read.  That being said, this is going to be a challenge to review because I don’t want to give anything away for the reader.   The two protagonists don’t address each other by name, only Sir and Girl.  I really liked that, the characters were cloaked in secrecy from the reader.  They could be anyone.  They could be me, they could be you.   That kind of suspense is something I really like.  Girl wants very much to please Sir, she tries very hard to follow the dictates that they agree upon.  As an aside, if  you are reading this review and BDSM books are your thing, then no explaining is necessary, if you don’t know anything about BDSM please know that this is what Girl wants and she is in no way forced into anything that Sir desires of her.  Girl is devoted to Sir and Sir is all about worshiping Girl.  It’s beautiful to read how much they desire each other.  Sir is all about domination and control over Girl.  Not in a abusive non consenting control.  He wants to help Girl be a better woman and he loves her very much.  I love the after care when a scene is completed.  It’s amazing how much the man is all about making sure his woman is cared for and comforted and is ok after a scene.  I love reading that.   As you can read from the blub, Girl is in for some delicious punishment when Sir gets home, but there is so much more to this then meets the eye and I hope that you give this little short story a chance.