Review: Heat Wave by Taryn Kincaid

Heat Wave by Taryn Kincaid
Series: Sleepy Hollow (# 4); 1 Night Stand
Release Date: August 8, 2013
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing
Pages: 61
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Sent into the human realm to retrieve prodigal princess, Zena Night, Bhyrne Raines is shocked and unprepared for his carnal reaction to the sexy succubus. In service to the succubus queen, the rugged enforcer must stifle the instant passion exploding within him. Fulfilling his royal duty doesn’t allow for quickie dalliances. His biological clock is ticking, and he begins to enter breedspawn, an intense and unstoppable frenzy of mating all fire-demon males must endure. But the more he wants to avoid Zena, the more he’s drawn to her.

Reluctant to give up her carefree life of partying among the mortals when the hot-as-sin Bhyrne comes to fetch her for the queen, Zena uses her succubus wiles to entice him, or at least delay the inevitable trip to the royal court. Once in the demon stronghold, hidden deep within the Catskill mountains, she learns the reason for the summons: she must choose a consort within two days.

Zena needs a mate. Bhyrne needs to mate. With time running out for both of them, they each turn to 1Night Stand. With time running out, can Madame Eve come to the rescue?


Review: Can I just start off by saying this story was aptly named?  * fans face* Smoke rose from the pages starting with the first paragraph!  Of course, when you’re dealing with a succubus, what  do you expect?  Zena Night is a woman with a destiny she never wanted. Closed off and tough she’s stayed far away from the Fae realm, but not the time has come for the prodigal princess to return. I like a woman with a strong personality, but I didn’t really care for Zena at first. As she opened up and showed her softer side and what she’d been through growing up I changed my opinion. Ms. Kincaid did one heck of a job with her transition.

The man sent in after her is a demon who’d tempt a saint. Bhryne Raine is all male with his large frame, gravely voice, and dogged sense of duty. Despite his stoic outward appearance, lava runs through his veins, literally he’s a fire-sex demon. See, told you he was hot. * winks. One of the Queen’s persona guards, he was the only choice to pick up the elusive princess. Problem is he’s just entered his team of heat, known as breedspawn, which makes this mission a whole lot more interesting.

This characters burst off the pages and the connection between them is flammable with a capital F! While this is a part of a series it easily stands alone. I highly recommend it.


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