Review: Bedroom Bully by Avril Ashton

Bedroom Bully by Avril Ashton
Release Date: August 12, 2013
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Pages: 42
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

El Lively needs to be punished and after more than a few auditions, she’s found the perfect man for the job. Her body is up for grabs. Not her heart, and definitely not her secrets, but Jud has other ideas.

Jud Kincaid agrees to El’s more-than-indecent proposal, but he’s after more than the physical. He wants an explanation for her sexual kinks, and a way into her heart. El’s being stubborn, but lucky for Jud, he’s just signed on to be her own personal Bedroom Bully.


Review:  Bedroom Bully by Avril Ashton is not part of a series but I would love to see these characters again. I chose this book because after reading the summery I had to see how this book would turn out.

Elliott Lively or also known as El’s world has crumbled beneath her feet. She needs to be punished to be able to release the stress and pain that accumulates. Her reasons for wanting the pain is one she does not want to share but Jud inspires her to share it.

Jud is the owner of a bar and he is looking to open his own gym. He is equally puzzled and disturbed by El’s wish to be punished. The chemistry between Jud and El is blistering. The sex scenes were hot and spicy.

This book was very well written because with the cause of El’s distress this book could have easily turned out bad. This book was fabulous my only wish was that it was longer. I would love to see El after a few months with Jud. At 38 pages, this is an intense emotional book that sticks with you well after you read it. I will be keeping my eyes out for more by Ms. Ashton.