It’s Snowing Men: Interview & Contest with Susan Wiggs

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Jen: Welcome to day four of our holiday event.  And today we have Susan Wiggs as our guest!  Susan, will you share a short bio with us?
Susan: I like to believe I am the person my dogs think I am.

I phone my parents every day, as they are elderly and adorable, and they read me stories every day of my freakishly normal childhood. I was a writer before I learned to read, by creating scribbles on paper and dictating the stories to my saintly mother. You can see examples here.

Untold eons later, I still read and write everyday and I’ve gotten very good at it. I live in a ridiculously gorgeous place in the world–an island in Puget Sound, Washington with my husband, our dogs and a lot of wildlife. And slugs. Really big slugs.

I have lots more to tell you, so please join me on Facebook and check out pictures of my dogs and tell me what’s on your mind.

My official web site is and I’m on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and Pinterest, to name a few. Probably the most active on Facebook.

Jen: Please tell us about your newest release and where the idea came from.
Susan: CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS is about one of the most intriguing and complicated characters in The Lakeshore Chronicles. Logan O’Donnell got a rocky start into adulthood and finds himself a single father, devoted to his son Charlie, but desperately lonely for something more. Not coincidentally, Logan shares a lot of traits with my husband–a sexy single dad with an adorable boy, an affinity for snow sports and a singular talent in the kitchen. Neither guy is single no more.

Jen: What is your favorite Christmas (or holiday) tradition?
Susan: Going skiing with my family and all the attendant eating and drinking, laughter and music. It’s always felt like a special time for me.

Jen: What is your favorite holiday cookie? Do you bake cookies? Do a cookie swap?
Susan: The Walking Dead Christmas cookies in CANDLELIGHT CHRISTMAS. The recipe is in the book. They are delicious, but when you’re getting help from little kids, they don’t turn out pretty. I love baking cookies and doing cookie swaps.

Jen: What is the most memorable gift you given? received?
Susan: The most memorable gift I’ve ever given was probably a surprise trip to my husband. I gave him a series of books and videos, and he had to piece together the clues and figure out we were going to Venice, then on the Orient Express to Paris. SO COOL. The most memorable gift I’ve ever received was just this past birthday. I was having coffee and reading the news in bed, and in walked my daughter and son-in-law from Chicago. They’d flown halfway across the country in secret to give me the news that they were expecting my first grandchild. SO COOL. Right? Right?

Jen: If this book was made into a movie, who do you see in the leading roles?
Susan: I always screw up the answer to this question, because I do a terrible job keeping up with who’s current. What about Jennifer Lawrence and Tatum Channing? Or is it Channing Tatum? Either works for me!

Jen: What’s next for you?
Susan: THE BEEKEEPER’S BALL, coming in 2014. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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11 thoughts on “It’s Snowing Men: Interview & Contest with Susan Wiggs

  1. Rosemary K. says:

    I love the holiday season. Time with my family makes everything so special. I enjoy baking with my daughter. Thank you for the contest.

  2. Leanna Hiner says:

    For Christmas I would always bake croissant bread pudding with craisens. It is very rich 8 egg yolks, 6 cups half and half and then the croissants, but we all love it. I live far from my parents now and last year my mom made it and she hardly bakes anymore.

  3. Marcy Shuler says:

    In my family, what’s in the stockings is more important than what’s under the tree. Much thought goes into it.

  4. Susan W. says:

    We love going and looking at Christmas lights then coming home and watching A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. Hubby’s favorite Christmas movie.

  5. Chris Bails says:

    I love decorating the tree during the weekend after Black Friday/Thanksgiving. We watch Xmas movies while we do it and drink hot cocoa. I also love watching the kids faces light up on Christmas morning when they see the presents under the tree and when they open them up.

  6. SusanD says:

    Thanks for the interview and the wonderful contest! Please enter me as I think this would be a nice diversion from the holidays!

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