Spotlight & Contest: Cynthia Rayne

She is now a multi-published author. Cynthia Rayne is convinced that her muse is a wanton woman who is shameless in her desires but is forced to live them out through the written word.Cynthia works for a state university full-time and writes whenever she can. In her spare time, she enjoys dating, shopping with her gay boyfriend, reading trashy romance novels, drinking an obscene amount of coffee, and going to movies.

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John “Sax” Saxon wants his estranged wife Maggie back in his life and in his bed. As his submissive. During their whirlwind courtship and short-lived stint as a married couple, he’d kept his kinky desires to himself, worried that his sheltered wife wouldn’t understand. Now that they’ve separated and counseling has failed them, he has nothing left to lose. Sax is going to show Maggie just how pleasurable submitting to him can be.



He retrieved a DVD from his media shelf. All of his DVDs were alphabetized and sorted by genre. Like everything in Sax’s place, it was manically organized.

But she’d never seen the hidden DVD stash in the slick black box, hidden behind all of the Harry Potter movies. He placed one in the player and sat down on the opposite side of the couch.

“You said you wanted to talk privately, that’s why we couldn’t stay at Starbucks but I’m not in the mood to watch a DVD with you. This isn’t a date, it’s a discussion.”

“We are going to talk first, but eventually you will need to see the DVD.”

Well, that sounded ominous. What the hell could be on the video?

She wrapped her chilled hands around the thick paper cup to warm her icy fingertips before she took a long slow sip of her caramel machiatto. Having this conversation wasn’t going to be easy. She closed her eyes briefly, letting the caramel and coffee work its magic as she willed herself to be open to what he had to say.

I will not lose my temper. I will NOT lose my temper.

She nodded towards his drink. “How’s your tea?”

Sax set his cup on the coffee table. “This isn’t tea, Mags.” He pried the lid off and hoisted the tea bag from his cup to show her. “This bag of stuff is the remains of the tea leaves you find at the bottom of a proper box of loose tea. It wishes it were tea.” He let it plop back into the brown water with undisguised disdain.

“Then why did you order it?”

He quirked an eyebrow at her. “I’m English. What am I going to do, drink coffee?”

Her lips twitched, but she wouldn’t be flirting with him.

He looked uncomfortable. She was used to seeing him in charge of a situation, at ease and confident, but he seemed troubled and that set her teeth on edge.

He didn’t speak and neither did she and the silence stretched between them.

She dunked her chocolate chip cookie in the coffee before taking a bite. After she chewed, she sat back folding her arms over her chest. “Okay, I’ve had my coffee and chocolate, so I’m highly caffeinated.” She blew out a long, slow calming breath. “Let’s talk.”

He splayed his hands in a supplicating gesture. “I don’t think marriage counseling is working and I don’t want to do it anymore.”

She nodded. “I agree. But it isn’t working because you don’t want to open up. So , what is it? You don’t want to talk to the doctor or to me?”

He shook his head. “That’s not it at all. There is a situation but I can handle it by myself.”

Situation. That could mean anything. She bit her lower lip. Something had been bothering her for the six weeks they’d been separated, but she hadn’t voiced it. Sax worked at a law firm with many attractive women and he put in long hours, working well into the night. Of course, she’d wondered if he’d had an affair, met someone else. But she had wanted him to tell her of his own accord, not because she’d brought it up. She didn’t want to seem suspicious or jealous, but she had to know.

“Okay. I need to ask you a question. I’m not making an accusation. I’m not going to lose my cool. I just want a straight answer.”

He nodded. “Fine. Ask me anything you like.”

“Sax, were you having an affair?” He was about to speak but she waved him away. “Before you deny it, I want you to think carefully. The last month we lived together you and I hardly talked. You didn’t want sex and you rebuffed me every time I tried to initiate it. Obviously, your, um, needs were being satisfied elsewhere. Is that why things were off between us sexually? Is that what you couldn’t tell me?”

His brow furrowed, as though confused by the very suggestion. “No, nothing like that.” He paused, choosing his words carefully. “I would never have sex with another woman. I wanted only you. I still want you.” His hand reached for hers, warm and big, enveloping her with its heat. “Since we have been married, you are the only woman I have been sexually intimate with. There hasn’t been another.”


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