Review: Plain Fear: Forgiven by Leanna Ellis

Plain Fear: Forgiven by Leanna Ellis
Series: Plain Fear (# 3)
Release Date: August 6, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pages: 382
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review

Samuel Fisher has committed a sin of biblical proportions—he killed his own brother, Jacob. Haunted by guilt and talked by a vampire out for his soul, Samuel starts down the same dark path of destruction that led to his brother’s death.

A captivating coming-of-age story unlike any other, Plain Fear: Forgiven pits redemption against temptation, love against fear, and simple faith against the intricacies of sin and salvation. In the gripping final battle between hunters and vampires, Samuel must choose where his loyalties lie. The lives of those he loves—as well as his own ultimate forgiveness—hangs in the balance.


Review: I was so excited to read this book. Since I was very young I’ve had a fascination with the Amish. A book about vampires and the Amish- I’m so there. I was so completely lost from the beginning. I’m assuming it is because I did not read the first two books of the series.

I wanted to love this book so much and I was so disappointed. I thought it would be much more of a fast paced novel with spurts of Amish romance. It was so slow and boring in parts that I had to stop reading the novel and come back to it. It is very, very rare that I dislike a novel so much. I’m really hoping that if I read the first two novels that I will understand the plot
lines and themes more and I won’t be saying “what?” so much.

I did like how the author made the main characters so real and brought the Amish lifestyle to life. I felt like I could be a part of their community.

While I can’t recommend this novel, at the moment, I hope that I can after a second read once I read the first two books of the series.