Review: Dirty Love by Olivia Starke

Dirty Love by Olivia Starke
Series: 1Night Stand
Release Date:  August 4, 2013
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing
Pages:  44
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Kat goes on the prowl looking for a one night stand to rile up her new friends.  A little shock and awe to keep her sane in a life no longer hers.  When she’s matched with Jared through 1Night Stand, he seems perfect for her plans.  Conservative, sweet, and sexy as sin, she’s ready for one hell of a ride.

But Jared is more than she bargained for—much more.  And when her plans for amusement turn dangerous will the two find a way to stay alive?


Review:  Dirty Love by Olivia Starke is part of the 1NightStand series.  The 1NightStand series is a series that is written by a group of authors about Madame Eve and her matchmaking skills.  I have read several of these books and each interesting.

Kat is a vampire on the prowl looking for a date.  It seems her life is no longer hers.  She seems to be independent and looking for a way out of the situation, she had found herself in.  She does not seem fond of the people that surround her at the club.

Jared is a werewolf and looking for a date.  His family wants him to settle down but he has not found the right woman for him.  Jared is a hot and sexy man who is willing to let Kat run the show until he needs to protect her.

The chemistry between Kat and Jared is blazing.  The sex scenes were blistering.  I enjoyed this book a lot.  I would love to see another book about Kat and Jared.  I found this book very well written.  I was drawn into this story.  At 44 pages, this was a quick read.  I found the main characters and the secondary characters engaging.  Overall, I found the world inside this book interesting and I would love to know more about the world Ms. Starke created inside this book.


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