Review: Alpha Call by B.A. Tortuga

Alpha Call by B.A. Tortuga
Release Date: April 19, 2013
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 95
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

As a cop, she can handle anything life throws at her. In fact, she’s sure of it, even when trying to capture the ex alone puts her friends in danger. Too bad local werewolf alpha Brett has different ideas. He doesn’t care if Wendy wants to be a lone wolf. He has to protect all the werewolves in his town. Including her. Especially her..

Wendy finds Brett irritating, overbearing and sexy beyond belief. Brett thinks Wendy is trouble with a capital T, and hotter than the dog days of summer. Butting heads can be fun, but there are other ways to rub against each other. Intimate, lusty ways. These two sexy shapeshifters are playing to win.


Review: Wendy left her pack because of her ex. He seems to be following her and she knows that she needs to stop him before anything else happens and someone else gets hurt. There is just something not right about him. She follows the rules of a cop because that is what she is and she has no faith in a wolf pack because of what happened to her. When she meets Brett he just rubs her the wrong way. She wants nothing to do to him. She just wants to get her job done and move on.

Brett knows when he meets Wendy that she isn’t a human and he just can’t figure her out. He is the alpha of his pack and he just doesn’t understand why she wants nothing to do with his pack. He knows that she is his mate and he needs to do what he can to get her to realize that. He hates knowing that she is stubborn and he sort of loves her for it to.

Brett is an alpha and used to getting his way and everyone following his orders. For some reason it just seems that his pack just doesn’t listen to him much. This was a great story and one that I will read again. I hope that there is more to this pack because I know I would love to read stories about other people in the pack and there is so much paranormal going on around this town. Makes me wonder what else is going on. I have read several books by this author and I fall in love with each one and the stories just keeps getting better.

If you love strong alpha males and women that know their minds and can really care less how much a male wants her to submit but still loves them then this is the book for you.