Review: Warrior’s Surrender by Marisa Chenery

Warrior’s Surrender by Marisa Chenery
Series: Warrior Hunger (# 3)
Release Date: July 13, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 80
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Jaxon never wanted to tie himself to a single woman, not even when he was mortal. When a sexy temptress collides with him on the street, dumping her coffee all over his chest, he sees the opportunity for another installment of his modus operandi—seduce, bed then leave. But this fiery woman sees through his attempts and refuses to be just another notch on his bedpost.

Chyna is prepared to walk away when it becomes clear Jaxon plans to hit it and leave. She has a plan of her own and knows seduction is a two-way street. Once she gets him in bed, he won’t want to leave. But she gets more than she bargained for when her lover shows his furry side and reveals his true nature—as a shifter and warrior to an ancient Egyptian god. She must then decide if she’s brave enough to stay…or if she will be the one to walk away.


Review: I have read several of the books in this series and this is the first one that has been different then the others. All of the other warrior’s have been lonely and wanted to find someone to spend their lives with. In this one it is different.

Jaxon is over two hundred years old and he likes to pick women up every once in awhile to have a little fun and then leave. He doesn’t mind being alone and he wants no attachments. All because he doesn’t believe in it. His mom died in child birth and he had a woman that he had feelings for but she was playing him with another man. I can understand why he wouldn’t want any commitments. That is until Chyna runs into him and spills coffee on him.

They both have feelings for each other. Jaxon was a one night stand and Chyna wants someone to spend her life with her. She makes Jaxon promise her that they can try for two months to see how things go. Everything should’ve been fine until he finds out that Anubis has other plans and the more he fights it the worse it will be. Only other thing is he also has a demon after him.

Wish I could find me one good looking guy that I could run into and have my life change forever. I just don’t want to spill coffee on him. It seems that in all of these books that every man is to die for in the looks and body department. Chyna seemed to take the whole god thing pretty good and didn’t have that much of a freak out. I don’t really know how many of books this series has but I have read about all I can find. I just wish that they could all have a reunion and meet each other. I know that Anubis doesn’t want them to be together but I just think it would be great for them to all meet and have a chance to meet the other mates. I guess it would be a little too much to have that many good looking guys in one place. I have read many books by this author and I love everyone that I read.

If you haven’t read this series than you really need to check them out.