Review: Voluptuous by Natasha Moore

Voluptuous by Natasha Moore
Series: Curve Appeal
Release Date: September 6, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc
Pages: 58
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

When Meredith is stood up by another blind date, she hooks up with sexy coworker Sam at the local bar. She’s drooled over Sam for months, but getting to know him better in a back booth makes her wish guys like him want to stick around.

Sam’s been attracted to Meredith’s lush curves, bright-green eyes and throaty laugh ever since he met her. Sharing drinks, bad date stories and sexy innuendos makes him like her even more. But her lousy one-night stands have convinced her she’s not worth a second glance. Spankings and a little bondage just might help the voluptuous Meredith understand that not only can they share adventurous sex and pizza at midnight, but a future together as well.


Review: Voluptuous is part of the Curve Appeal series by Natasha Moore. I chose this book because I like the idea of reading about women who are not all stick thin. Women come in all different shapes and sizes these days and it’s nice to read about them. I have not read anything by this author before and I wanted to.

Meredith has been stood up on dates before because of her size. She tried her best to lose the weight but has come to realize this is who she it. Meredith thinks most men don’t want women her size so she seems content with a one night stand even when she really wants more. She has not confidence that men will look beyond the exterior and find out who she is inside.

Sam is Meredith’s co-worker. He has been attracted to her for a while but has never acted on it. He is not happy that she has herself convinced that she is not worth it. When his friend passes on Meredith because of her size he quickly swoops in. He wants a future with her.

The chemistry between Sam and Meredith is explosive. The sex scenes are blistering hot. I enjoyed the mild BDSM elements that were intertwined. I loved that Sam was not discouraged by Meredith’s lack of confidence with her size.

The only thing that would have made this story better is if it was longer. Overall, this was an entertaining and fun read. At 58 pages, it’s a fun and sexy read. I enjoyed the realistic feel of the story without it going overboard about weight. I will definitely be picking up another story by Ms. Moore in the near future.



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