Review: Until Paris by Ellen Trubody

Until Paris by Ellen Trubody
Release Date: February 8, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 72
Source: book provided by publisher for review

For Emma, Wills is the perfect husband—and a tirelessly sinful lover. At their home, in dark corners at dinner parties, in carriage rides across London, they explore each other’s bodies in a consuming passion that won’t end. But then a devastating illness turns pleasure into peril and Wills realizes one careless mistake could cost Emma her life. He moves far away to Bath, where his unceasing desire can no longer harm her.

Left to her own devices, Emma plans a new life for herself in Paris. She writes to Wills—tearful letters, pleading letters, letters threatening to leave him, letters begging him to return—but he never responds. She decides to confront the stubborn man in the flesh but finds him unwilling to say goodbye. Wills loves Emma and he has until Paris to prove they’re meant to be together—and to show her dark, forbidden pleasures unlike any she’s known before.


Review: This was a novella that was basically about a husband and wife who loved each other deeply but couldn’t live together since the husband, Wills, couldn’t take the chance of his wife, Emma, dying as a result of pregnancy. Emma does everything in her power to hurt him – sending hurtful letters, living apart from him, telling him she wants to move to Paris so she can start anew. Wills in trying to protect Emma moves away for his job to a place Emma wouldn’t want to live. When finally they reunite, through an ultimatum from Emma, they are both totally surprised to find out how the other has lived.

The storyline was almost nonexistent and their memories when apart or together was always of them in the sex act – it couldn’t be described as lovemaking. There were lots of hurts and harsh words, some sorrow, tears, unhappiness but ultimately a happily ever after that they both could live with. The story ended abruptly. An epilogue would have been nice to give closure.

I have not read books by Trubody before and don’t plan to read others. She also writes under the pen name Iris Astres and I have not read any of those books either.