Review: The Importance of Being Wicked By Victoria Alexander

The Importance of Being Wicked by Victoria Alexander
Series: Milworth Manor (# 2)
Release Date: January 29, 2013
Publisher: Zebra Books
Pages: 433
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

For Winfield Elliott, Viscount Stillwell, finding a prospective bride always seemed easy. Perhaps too easy. With three broken engagements to his name, Win is the subject of endless gossip. Yet his current mission is quite noble: to hire a company to repair his family’s fire-damaged country house. Nothing disreputable in that–until the firm’s representative turns out to be a very desirable widow.

Lady Miranda Garrett expected a man of Win’s reputation to be flirtatious, even charming. But the awkward truth is that she finds him thoroughly irresistible. While Miranda resides at Millworth to oversee the work, Win occupies her days, her dreams. . .and soon, her bed. For the first time, the wicked Win has fallen in love. And what began as a scandalous proposition may yet become a very different proposal. . .


Review: Let me start off by saying I freaking adored this book. You know a book is really good when, weeks after reading it, you’re still thinking about it, swooning over it, and laughing.

This was my first Victoria Alexander book. The way she mixes humor, yet is able to pay attention to the seriousness of the story and what the characters are going through, is amazing.

Winfield Elliot, Viscount Stillwell is in a bind, well not really a bind, but he’s irritated. After all, he’s had three broken engagements to his name and is without a fiance for the fourth time. He doesn’t really care about the gossip, after all, it’s just that, gossip. In fact, he isn’t even focused on his bad luck with the marriage mart. His focus is on his old country house. After being damaged in a fire, Win’s only desire is to get the home running smoothly again. In typical male fashion, he figures out that this is something he can do, and do well. Fix the house, and then he doesn’t have to worry about anything else going on in his life, including the fact that his mother would do anything to see him settle down and married.

Things take a turn when a certain spinster looking lady shows up and claims she works for a very well known architecture company. He hires her on the spot, believing that the woman in the baggy dresses is nothing more than a middle man or middle woman, of course he has no idea she’s the brains behind the entire operation. Nor does he have any clue that this very woman will be his undoing.

The banter between Win and Miranda is priceless–it reminds me of the reason I started reading and writing historical romance. It’s quick witted, intelligent, and laugh out loud funny. I’m pretty sure I was smiling the entire time I read this amazing book.

The plot was great because it wasn’t entirely complicated and although the characters did stupid things that made you want to yell at them, in the end, you had that general feeling that everything would be alright.

There were a few twists in the end that I really didn’t see coming, ones that involved Miranda’s family meddling in her life more than she realized.

All in all, it was a very romantic, hilarious read, I give it five roses.  Would totally recommend it and read it again!