Review: The Chalet by Tara Fox Hall

The Chalet by Tara Fox Hall
Release Date:  October 2, 2012
Publisher: Beau to Beau Book
Pages: 27
Source:  book provided by author for review

When Madeline honors her mother’s dying wish and returns to The Chalet, she discovers the true secret of the old mansion; a seductive spirit whose undying love has waited decades to claim her for its own.


Review: From the first page, The Chalet placed me into a world full of mystery, unexplainable paranormal activity, and history. All encompassing, this story is more than one person’s tale.  It belongs to a home, and the entity that dwells within its walls.

The heroine, Maddie is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her mother’s cancer has advanced, and the one place she wants to return to is the one Maddie avoids at all cost. The Chalet, a mansion outside the woods in an affluent area which has been the epicenter of murder and disappearances for centuries. Experiences in her youth showed Maddie just how malevolent the family home could be, but when her mother persists she gives in. What happens next is a wild ride as puzzle pieces come together, the past is retold, and a shocking love story emerges. I want to say more, but it would ruin the element of surprise Ms.  Hall wielded so well!

I loved seeing this story through the eyes of Maddie. The first person point of view worked well, giving the spine  tingling scenes an extra edge. Ms. Hall did an excellent job building tension and answering all the questions formed as we discovered new clues. I highly recommend this read. But if you scare easily you might want to read it during the day.



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