Review: Tattooed Tryst by Cynthia Sax

Tattooed Tryst by Cynthia Sax
Release Date: July 18, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
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When a tattooed stranger strides into the diner and gazes at Lori with his flame-infused eyes, she realizes he’s someone special. Something special.

There are tall, gorgeous aliens hidden among us, aliens armed with big guns and burning kisses, aliens taking what they want and whom they want, melting resistance with firm lips and rough, calloused touches. Aliens with fascinating tattoos…

Trake takes one look at the waitress serving up coffee and sultry smiles and knows she’ll be his. With military precision, he begins his passionate assault, using every weapon in his sexual arsenal to seduce Lori. Time is limited. He leaves Earth in nine days and his human mate can’t make the difficult journey. This is his sole chance at the ecstasy of bonding.

He will not fail.


Review: I seen the cover of this book and just had to read it. It looked like it would be a great book and I really liked the title.

Lori has had almost everyone leave her. All she had was her grandma and now she is gone. When she is working at the Diner she notices this eye catching guy walk in and she can’t believe it when everyone freezes and he takes out a gun on a guy and he disappears. The crazy part is the guy named Trake tells her that she will not remember him. Boy is her surprised when he finds out that she is his One and she remembers everything and doesn’t go crazy screaming and hollering. He doesn’t have time to seduce his One since her needs to find his twin brother.

I love reading books about aliens and this author always writes books that will take you on a great adventure that you never thought you would be taken on. She always has a way with words and knows just the right description that makes the sex scenes even hotter without being crude. I like authors that aren’t afraid to write about different categories. I will get to read about aliens, shifters, and humans just to name a few. This is the author that turned me into reading alien books. Even though this was a short book it was a great read and I wish there were more about these aliens.

So if you love reading books that are different and love an author that knows how to write great scenes then this is the book for you.