Review: Melting Ice by Nicole Austin

Melting Ice by Nicole Austin
Series:  SEALs On Fire (# 5)
Release Date:  January 16, 2013
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Pages: 52
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Syndra Banks should be thrilled by an invitation to join SEAL team Arapahoe in Key West for a wild good time.  Instead the text summons from Ice pisses her off.  Why?  Because he calls and she goes running, without fail, every damn time.  And now she doesn’t have a choice.  If Syn wants to get her personal life moving forward she has to see him again in person to break it off.

Thanks to his smokin’ hot lover, Master Chief Sam Westervelt is losing his edge.  Syn is melting the ice that runs in his veins, turning it into a river of molten lust.  His discipline is shot and he’s daydreaming about intense, steamy sex while on missions, putting his entire team at risk.  But he has a surefire plan all figured out if he can just toe the line a little longer.

Sometimes getting what you want is as simple as reaching out, grabbing hold and not letting go.


Review: Melting Ice is the fifth book in the SEALs On Fire Series by Nicole Austin.  While I have not read this series before I found it could be read and enjoyed as a standalone.  This series is a bit different from the norm because several of the books are written by different authors, like Desiree Holt, Brenna Zinn, Samantha Cayto, Allie Standifer, and Regina Carlysle.  I have Nicole Austin before and was interested in another story by her and I found this one.

Sam, aka Ice, and Syndra have been together for years working there relationship around his military schedule.  Syn loves Ice a lot she was willing to work around his schedule but lately she wants more.  She decided that this trip with Ice is her last.  She wants kids, married and a spouse that is home more than away.  Sam has been in the military for almost twenty years and is ready to give his heart to the women he loves.

The chemistry between Ice and Syn is blistering hot.  The sex scenes were a wonderful mix of hot and steamy fun.  Syn was the perfect match for Ice in the bedroom and out.  As long as Ice communicates with Syn these two are a great match long term for each other.

This story felt like much long than the 52 pages it was.  It was packed with emotion and it also showed how hard it’s on the families of the military when they are away from home.  While I was not fond of the ending, I found it very realistic.  Overall, I will be picking up the other books in the series shortly.


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