Review: Mating Call by Kate Hill

Mating Call by Kate Hill
Series: Whisper (# 3)
Release Date: June 29, 2012
Publisher: Changeling Press
Pages: 39
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Will Hugh help Rebecca reveal the truth about her past, or will her pain keep her from true love?

Hugh is proud to be a wraith and considers himself a spiritual ambassador whose purpose is to show the living that they don’t need to fear the afterlife. When he travels to Whisper, drawn by the mating call of the magical horse to whom he is psychically bonded, he meets a woman who reminds him about the joys of old fashioned human sex.

For Rebecca getting physical with the sexy New Zealander whose magical stallion has come to mate with her mare is the easy part. It’s emotions she can’t handle.

Rebecca has a secret that keeps her from fully exploring and enjoying her existence as a wraith, but Hugh doesn’t intend to let a chance for love fade away.


Review: Changeling Press released this book and I felt the need to include this in my review because I really like the quality of the books that they release. I like the stories themselves and I like the fact that the editing is spot on and the characters are the same throughout the entirety of the book. I really dislike it when a character is one way in the beginning of the book and then is another way at the end. Changeling Press has some very talented writers working for them. I, so far, have not been disappointed by Changeling Press and hope that they continue with high quality reading.

I really like books that deal with supernatural subjects. It doesn’t matter what kind of subjects it happens to be. Werewolves, vampires, witches…’s all good in my book. This story is the first that has ever dealt with wraiths and I have to say despite my doubts, I wasn’t disappointed. I liked the fact that the wraiths can communicate in their minds with their horses. They can’t communicate with each other this way. I also liked that the horses communicate with each other in their minds as well. I really enjoy this kind of stuff. It’s a nice way to decompress from the realities of life.

What is a wraith? According to the plot line in the story, they are somewhere between being dead and being alive, not really a part of either place, and so live in a community of other like creatures. I use the word creatures as a very broad medium and mean no disrespect to any wraith or any other supernatural beings. It’s kind of cool being a wraith as you have abilities that you don’t have as a human, but you do have responsibilities as a wraith and must adhere to said responsibilities.

Rebecca and Hugh have much that needs to be resolved throughout the book and as a reviewer and romance lover, I really enjoyed reading their story. Rebecca is guarded and wary and isn’t impressed by much. She really makes Hugh work to form a friendship with her. I love it. Hugh is confident, he’s not a dominant alpha male but he isn’t a wimp and he doesn’t give up easily once he sets his mind on something, or someone. It’s so delicious reading these two characters. The town that Rebecca live s in is also a point of interest as well as everyone who lives there is of a supernatural being and they are all misfits from the race that they belong to and so live amongst each other. This is so cool, I want to live there too.