Review: Her Wicked Angel by Felicity Heaton

Her Wicked Angel by Felicity Heaton
Series: Her Angel Romance (# 6)
Release Date: September 13, 2013
Publisher:  self published
Pages: 258
Source:  book provided by the author for review

Asmodeus is a dark angel born of evil and created for destruction. When his master orders him to venture into the mortal world and retrieve a female for him, he seizes the chance to leave Hell for the first time, uncaring of what the Devil has planned for her… until he sets eyes on the most beautiful woman he has ever seen—a female who awakens new feelings within his black heart, unleashing passion so intense that it controls him and desire he cannot resist.

He will not let his wretched master have her. She will belong to him.

Liora is a witch with a bad reputation and an obsession with fighting demons. A mission gone wrong sees her sent to Paris to cool off, but when a dark and deadly warrior with a gaze of golden fire lands in her life, she ends up burning hotter than Hell for the wicked angel. Nothing will stand between her and the immense, forbidding male. Not her cousin. Not Asmodeus’s sworn enemy and twin, Apollyon. And certainly not the Devil.

Caught up in a tempest of danger and soul-searing passion, can they survive against the odds and seize their forever after?


Review: Asmodeus has lived in Hell his whole life. He has never experienced Earth or any of it’s amazing sites. He has never felt love or that there was any good for him. He does what the Devil tells him to do and that’s it. Well sometimes he holds off on the Devil to see how far he can push him. It is about the only entertainment he gets besides his hellhounds and doing what torture he gives to his victims. When he is sent to Earth for the first time to bring make a mortal named Liora, he thinks it will be easy. Get there and get the woman he is sent to get and come back.

Liora is a witch and she is very powerful. She lives with her cousin and her mate Aplooyon. She has heard about his twin Asmodeus and she never thought she would ever meet him. When she meets him she knows that there is more to him then she has ever been told. She sees that he has some good in him and she wants him to see that it isn’t a weakness. She has feelings for him and she shouldn’t since she he was sent to bring her back to the Devil. Only thing is no one knows what the Devil really wants with her.

I hate to say that this is the first book that I have read from this series. I hate myself for that because it is a really well written book and the author has done a wonderful job with her characters. I have read other books by this author and each one is even better than the last. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen between Liora and Asmodeus. I wanted to know why the Devil wanted her and how everyone would take this. I couldn’t have picked a better book in the series to read but I will be having to pick up the other five to see what else I have missed. This is one book that would never put me to sleep and keep me interested until the last page. I was wanting more when the book was over. I can’t wait to see what happens next and I hope that this isn’t the end of the series.

If you love books that have good and bad angels in it and has more than meets the eye, then this is the series for you to read. I know you won’t regret it.