Review: Dragon Lord’s Captive by Cynthia Sax

Dragon Lord’s Captive by Cynthia Sax
Series: Dragon Lord (# 5)
Release Date: July 13, 2012
Publisher: Changeling Press
Pages: 39
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

What is a maiden to do when the dragon shifter she loves won’t claim her?

Rhoslyn volunteers to be the village’s virgin sacrifice. She is bound and stripped, presented as an offering to appease their dragon protector, a dragon she has intimate knowledge of, a dragon who refuses to meet with her outside their mate link.

Lame from a past battle wound, Blau knows Rhoslyn deserves a more worthy knight than himself, but with one look at his mate’s naked body, all of his noble plans fly out the turret. He doesn’t deserve to claim Rhoslyn, but he can’t let her go.


Review: This book was just so good. Changeling press releases some pretty good and very quality works of fiction. I’ve read books from them when not reviewing for the blog and I have been satisfied with what I was given. It’s important to me to impart this bit of information as I fear that the reader may have read some shoddy reading and may not be ready to delve into a story that may leave much to be desired. These are hard times and I wouldn’t want to waste my money on something that was low quality. I understand that and I want the reader to know that these are well written books. I really needed to get that out there right out of the gate. I feel better now. The next question that is begging to be asked is why was this so good. Here we go……

First of all, this book had a medieval feel about it. There were castles and women wore long gowns. There was no modern feeling at all within the premise of the book and I really liked that. It was a simple time and these people live simple lives. I loved the fact that Rhoslyn while living within these medieval times, was a modern women. She went after what she wanted and was not afraid to let her man know it was him that she wanted. She was tenacious and stubborn but utterly feminine at the same time. How can that be? Rhoslyn knew she was a beautiful woman and that Blau was attracted to her and so was very confident that she was going to get her man. Even in doubtful times, and there was a moment of doubt (and I was so afraid!), Rhoslyn forged ahead and helped out Blau’s people and did what needed to be done. Does that sound like a modern woman? I usually like my women to be vulnerable in some way, but Rhoslyn really didn’t have that vibe and I’m totally ok with that. She was competent, compassionate, and totally in love with her man. I really liked her.

Blau was the vulnerable character in this book. He was also a sexy badass dragon. He could take out an entire village with one breath if he wanted to. He really didn’t understand his value to Rhoslyn, or how much he hurt her when he turned her away. Blau had the whole scary bad ass warrior down with his enemies and the people he protects who live in his village, but no one knew HIM the way that Rhoslyn did. She understood him and accepted him, all of him, even his “negative” traits. Which to her were beautiful. To her HE was beautiful. Who doesn’t want to be beautiful to someone? He was wrapped up in what he wished he were, what he used to be and how he can’t measure up to what Rhoslyn deserved to have. He needed to get his head out of his….. well, we won’t go there. Happily, Rhoslyn is the just the woman for that job. It was wonderful reading about these two crazy kids .