Review: A Seal Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear.

A Seal Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear
Series: Heart of the Wolf (# 12)
Release Date:  September 24, 2013
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Pages: 384
Source: book provided by NetGalley for review

Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson and undercover operative Anna Johnson have a rocky beginning at their first meeting all to do with pantyhose and tying her to a bed after some heavy-duty sparring, and him declaring she has mighty fine killer knees. Christmas is coming but thoughts of sugar plum fairies and kissing under the mistletoe isn’t something these two gray werewolves have in mind when they’re tasked to be the newlyweds preparing for Christmas while investigating a SEAL’s murder at a Christmas Tree farm.

Neither care about Christmas, sharing gifts, and all the traditions that go along with the season since neither enjoyed the holiday while growing up. But as they battle each other as to what makes for the perfect newly married couple’s first Christmas, they learn that a little Christmas cheer can become so much more, especially if they can take down a SEAL’s killer before they become his next target.


Review: This is the twelfth book in The Heart of the Wolf series. Characters from some of the previous titles in the series are included in this story; however this does not prevent it from being read as a stand-alone.  I have become quite addicted to Ms. Spear’s work and I was looking forward to read this title and was quite enthused when I had the opportunity to read and review it.   Ms. Spear certainly did not disappoint.

My favorite character is Anna.  She is an undercover operative, who had been given the task of investigating the murder of two navy seals on a Christmas tree farm. She is a tough as nails she wolf that had a past that she was not willing to have discovered.  The secrets from her past were a constant thorn in her side.  Because of these secrets she believed that she would not be able to have the benefits of a loving family nor be able to have a lasting relationship.

Bjornolf Jorgenson (what a mouthful) is a Navy Seal and a grey wolf.  He chose to work alone and was not a member of any pack.  His job was to work in the shadows. He would assist other teams without them knowing that he was there as he never leaves a trace.  He was literally a phantom.

After the completion of a mission that saw Bjornolf breaching his own protocol, he and Anna were tasked with an assignment which entailed them working undercover as newlyweds.  The assignment involved an investigation into the mysterious deaths of two navy seals (gray wolves) on a Christmas Tree farm.  It was obvious that these two had a history and Bjornolf clearly had a thing for Anna.  It was quite fun to see these two in action especially when they were in denial as to how they felt about each other.

A Seal Wolf Christmas is an easy, exciting read and I found it quite difficult to put it down . It’s filled with humour, action and suspense and it held my interest through to the very end.  There were quite a few unexpected twists and it definitely kept me trying to figure out what was going to happen next.  This book is a must read for fans of Terry Spear and fans of shifter romance.