Review: Him by Candice Butler

Him by Candice Butler
Series: Oh My Gods (# 2)
Release Date: May 18, 2012
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Pages: 150
Source:  book provided by publisher for review

Nola Garrett, a newly retired aeronautical engineer, is looking for a new adventure. She finds it when she moves into a lavish condominium and meets her next-door neighbor. He’s tall, dark, handsome, and even at his age, incredibly sexy. He goes by one name, Amon.

Amon makes it clear from their first meeting that his intention is to take her to his bed. It’s been years since Nola has thought about sex, let alone had any. She’s not even certain she still knows how. Fortunately, Amon has no such qualms. He has loved and made love to Nola’s spirit through multiple lifetimes. As an Egyptian god, Amon’s love for Nola is timeless, and as the god of fertility and sexuality, he has an appetite for her that is beyond measure. Suddenly, Nola finds she can transcend the barriers of age, menopause, and fear to claim a life of unbridled sexuality and joy. Because when you’re in love with a god, your golden years shine like no other.


Review: Nola knows that her love life is over and she is fine with that. She just wants to retire and live her life the way she wants. She has gotten a divorce and the last eight years of that her sex life was zero. Amon only has eyes for Nola and she can’t understand it. How can someone as sexy as he is and can have any woman he wants, want her? The way these two can just look at each other and the whole building could catch on fire. Amon seems to be just what Nola needs.

This was a really hot and explosive book. Made me not mind going through menopause. I just hope that my sex life can be as hot as theirs is and that I still want my husband like this. I can’t get over how many times these two could have sex in one night. It took me awhile to figure out why the book was called Him but I got it and I believe it was a great name to call this great book. I liked all the research that went in for this book. I wouldn’t know how to write a book with such background. I could just imagine walking into this building and seeing all the Egyptian artifacts.

This book just seemed to take off from the very beginning and that is what I liked about it. I never felt like anything was over my head or I was missing a big point in the book. Yes it talked about building planes but the author made that enjoyable not boring. Amon might be a god but I never felt like he was really full of himself and you could tell that he really loved this mortal to death and would do what he had to so that they could be together. I hope there will be more about these characters. There were some characters that came into the book that I would love to see a story about. You could tell there was more to them. I would recommend that everyone give this book a try.