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burningToday we welcome Tory Richards back to Romancing the Book.  She’s here to tell us all about her upcoming release, Burning Hunger.

They say that opposites attract but Val and Chaz are equals when it comes to the bedroom. Neither are strangers to one-night stands, and partying hard. But all that’s in the past, and now they’re ready for something more steady, and fulfilling.

They come together out of necessity, and soon give in to temptation, unable to ignore the attraction between them. Besides, they both know how the game is played, and what the outcome will be. Only this time, will it be different?

Have they finally met their match?


The following is an interview with Val, the heroine in Burning Hunger:

Interviewer: So Val, word on the street is that you and Chaz Evans had a rocky start, care to share?
Val: Word on the street? (She laughs) Well, the first time we met was at his brother and sister-in-law’s ranch. Marissa and I go way, back. Anyway, she was a few weeks shy of having their first child, and wanted to have a little get together in their new place before the baby arrived. Chaz and I were attracted to one another from the start, only we also recognized that we were both players. My problem was that I was instantly attracted to him, and not just my libido. It caught me so totally by surprise that I ignored him all evening.

Interviewer: Players? Why don’t you elaborate for the folks out there who are unsure what you mean by that.
Val: I lived for the moment. I was a party-girl, enjoyed clubbing and meeting new men. If I took them home with me it was the first and last time. No strings attached, just a good time. In an effort to curtail that lifestyle, and to give my father hope that there would be grandchildren some day, I got engaged to Craig. We became exclusive, but that’s all that changed. We still spent our nights and weekends clubbing around. The minute I saw Chaz all that changed.

Interviewer: What happened?
Val: I guess you can say I changed my ways. I’d finally met a man I wanted to sleep with more than once. Someone I wanted to spend time with. I was slightly confused at my feelings, and fought him in the beginning. (She chuckles) I was determined not to like him, but the man was so charismatic, and sure of himself. When he touched me… I guess we both decided to grow up, and think about our futures. I think the turning point for Chaz was when his brothers found love.

Interviewer: How many brothers does Chaz have?
Val: Two, Beau and Blade. They’re triplets, three big, handsome Texans.

Interviewer: Identical? (Val shakes her head confirming it) Oh, wow, interesting. What about you, Val, do you have any siblings?
Val: No. My mother got sick a couple years after I was born, and she stayed sick until she passed away. Dad never quite got over it, and he never remarried. So I guess that makes me the spoiled, only child.

Interviewer: I’m sorry to hear that, it must have been rough on you and him. So, what made you decide to become a lawyer?
Val: It’s in my blood. My dad, and two uncles are lawyers, so were my grandfather, and great grandfather. I’m the first woman in the family to follow in their footsteps.

Interviewer: Getting back to you, and Chaz, I understand there was a big announcement on your wedding day.
Val: (Val smiles) We thought since all our family and friends were there it was the perfect opportunity to announce we were expecting. We’re having a girl.

Interviewer: Congratulations! But you’re not the only one in the family expecting a baby, are you. Isn’t Callie and Blade also expecting their first?
Val: Yes, they are. Our delivery dates are only three days apart. So now there’s a big bet going on at which one of us goes first.

Interviewer: Well, I wish you the best, Val. Make sure you send me a picture when the baby gets here.
Val: I will.

* * * * *

toryAuthor’s bio –

Tory Richards is the pen name for Debbie Wallace. She’s a multi-published, best-selling author of contemporary, erotic romance. You can find her titles with several publishers including Ellora’s Cave, Liquid Silver Books, Total-E-Bound, Whiskey Creek Press Torrid, and The Wild Rose Press. She’s also self-published. Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble’s, Kobo, All Romance Ebook Store, and many others carry her books.

Tory was born in Maine, but has lived most of her life in Florida. Recently retired from Disney, she moved in with her daughter, son-in-law, two grandchildren, and four cats. She has her own woman-cave, and can escape from the reality of active family life when she needs peace and quiet, or writing time.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon


Burning Hunger
Book #3 of the Evans brother’s trilogy
Unedited Excerpt –

For a moment Val was stunned speechless. The last time she had her life planned out for her she was seventeen and going to Florida on spring break with some friends. She shot Chaz a look that could kill. She could feel the heat of anger crawl up her neck and settle on her face. He was half-sitting on the wide window ledge, his arms crossed over his massive chest, and a half-smile on his face she’d like to slap right off. He was obviously enjoying her reaction.

Val turned back to her father. “Dad—”

“Look,” he leaned forward, his expression turning serious again. “I don’t want to worry about you.”

“I’m thirty-four.”

He brushed her comment aside. “There’s no age limit on when a parent stops worrying about their child, and we don’t know what Cramer is capable of doing to stay out of prison.”

Oh, God, he’s played the parent card. They only had each other. Her mother had passed away after a long illness a few years earlier. Something her dad had never fully recovered from. She uncrossed her arms, and relaxed back in her chair. Not surprised to see the look of victory gleaming in her dad’s warm gaze. He relaxed back in his chair, too.

“Someday I’m going to beat you at your own game,” she threatened mildly.

“You know I’m right.” His gaze swung to Chaz. “So tell us, what are your plans?”

“Yes, tell us.” Val didn’t even try to cushion the sharpness of her tone. “What do you have in mind for me?” Ohmygod I didn’t just say that!

Chaz straightened to his full height and walked toward them, a twinkle of amusement appearing in his eyes from her comment. “I’ve been thinking about that. Since the word is you’re going to be on a vacation,” he cast a glance at her dad and then back at her, “then you’ll take a vacation. You and I, as your new boyfriend, will head down to the Keys for a couple weeks. But that information doesn’t leave this office.”

“What?” she frowned. New boyfriend? In his dreams!

“I like it,” Ben said with a satisfied expression. “That will certainly explain why you’re all of a sudden hanging around my daughter. Good thinking, Mr. Evans.”

Chaz took a seat next to Val, directing his gaze on her. “What do you think, sweetheart?”

Sweetheart? Val blinked as if she was just emerging from a trance. Why was she just sitting there? She was staring into the wicked heat of Chaz’s eyes, wondering what they would look like in desire. Then his question registered to her.

“I think you’re out of your mind, sweetheart. I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“You’re not going anywhere without me,” he countered grinning crookedly.

Val turned her attention to her dad.

“Don’t look at me. I think Mr. Evans has a good idea. You need to get away from here for a while. Besides, you haven’t taken a real vacation in years. This will be good for you.”

“Okay, say I do go down to the Keys, just how long do you expect me to be gone? This thing with Hal Cramer isn’t going away overnight. I doubt this will be brought to trail, if it goes to trail, for months.”

“You think I don’t know that? We’ll decide on things as they come up. Mr. Evans is being paid to protect you for however long it takes.”

For however long it takes! Frustration bubbled up inside Val like a volcano getting ready to erupt. This wasn’t happening, and when had she lost control of her life? She looked at her dad, and then at Chaz, too worked up to think straight. Chaz smiling back at her, and toping it off with a wink, was the last straw.

She glared at him, and said as sweetly as she could muster under the circumstances, “I hope you have tough skin, cowboy.” It was a threat. He knew it, and she knew it.

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    • Hi Laurie, glad you made it by today, and thanks for leaving a comment. The trilogy of the Evans brothers is contemporary romance, and very erotic. I used to love reading historical romance, and cut my teeth on Rosemary Rogers and Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Have you ever read any of their books?

      • Hi Laurie, glad you made it by today, and thanks for leaving a comment. The trilogy of the Evans brothers is contemporary romance, and very erotic. I used to love reading historical romance, and cut my teeth on Rosemary Rogers and Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Have you ever read any of their books?

      • Hi Cassandra! I try to add a little suspense to all my stories, makes for an interesting conflict between the hero and heroine sometimes. But my main focus is always the romance between them, especially the build-up to their developing relationship. Thank you for leaving a comment.

    • Funny you should say that Leanna. I was so caught up with Val and Chaz that I almost forgot to write Marissa and Beau, Cassie and Blade, in! LOL But don’t worry, they made it, as well as little Mason, Marissa and Beau’s baby boy.

  1. Joanne B says:

    I don’t really have a favorite but I enjoy historal romance because I like learning about the past, I like romantic suspence because I do enjoy some romance with some mystery.

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for coming a by and leaving a comment. I actually wrote a historical romance many years ago, on a manual typewriter. It’s huge and the paper has turned yellow with age. Maybe some day I’ll tackle it:)

    • I’m a syfy junkie and I think it’s safe to say paranormal makes up a huge part of it. I just finished my first attempt at a paranormal romance, The Mating Ritual. It comes out on 11/15/13 and I’m anxious to see how it’s received. It might not be the kind of paranormal you like and when I wrote it I wasn’t sure where it would fit in. One of my publishers informed me it was paranormal.

      Here’s a blurb – On the run for her life, Toni finds safety with an uncivilized group of people living deep in the Carolina Mountains. Direct descendants from a legendary creature, they are more human than beast. With the exception of being big and tall, they no longer carry any of the original Bigfoot hairy, monstrous traits. Yet they prefer the simple, uncomplicated life their beastly ancestors lived. They remain far away from civilization, feeding the locals with rare sightings that keep the myth alive.

      Captured by their rugged leader, Cormac, Toni must undergo an ancient mating ritual in order not to be claimed and mated by any of the other males. Once Cormac mates with her in front of the whole clan, she will be off limits to everyone but him, something Toni is grateful for. She gradually falls for the powerful leader, willingly giving in to his ravenous demands for sex. He vows to protect and love her, but can she give up everything to live with him in the mountains?

  2. Tammy S, says:

    Looking forward to reading this book. Loved the first two. My Favorite would be historical romance, for the escape.

  3. erinf1 says:

    sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Ummm… I read a lot of PNR so I guess that’s my fav genre but I’m open to pretty much any 🙂

  4. Mary Preston says:

    I like Historical Fiction best. I’ve always been interested in history & when it’s wrapped around a great story – wonderful.

    • Hi Mary! You know it’s funny but English and history were my favorite subjects in school. I love history, too. Here in Florida we have St. Augustine, my favorite weekend get away. It’s loaded with history! The oldest school house, the oldest house, pharmacy, drug store, jail…just love walking down the brick road past the old city gates. Ever heard of it?

  5. Hi Joy! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I like paranormal, too. In fact, my first one will be out on 11/15 this year, The Mating Ritual. Thought I’d give writing one a try:)

  6. Paranormal seems to be very popular. Hi Filia, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. My first paranormal comes out on 11/15, The Mating Ritual. I wrote a blurb above. Check it out.

  7. Johnnie-Marie says:

    Paranormal romance- due to the different people and the love… also historical romance due to me personally I like that time era

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