Review: Surrender to the Siren Prince by Kate McKinley

Surrender to the Siren Prince by Kate McKinley
Release Date:  June 1, 2012
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
book was provided by the publisher for review

Marine biologist Morgan Johansen doesn’t believe in fairy tales, so when rumors of a sexy male siren surface, she sets out on her boat to prove them wrong. But when she’s tossed overboard by her ex, she comes face to face with a strong, virile siren who’s undeniably real and promises to awaken her every erotic fantasy.

Racing to save his people, Erik, heir to the siren kingdom, must find the one woman destined to be his queen. When Morgan hits the water, he feels her presence and knows instantly she’s the one. Now he must convince her to abandon her strict scientific beliefs and submit to the powerful desire that grips them both. But one question remains to be answered…

Will Morgan return to the surface, or will she surrender to the siren prince?


Review: When I saw the cover of the book I had to see what it was about, after I read the blurb I knew I couldn’t pass this book by. When you read stories like this one, you start to wonder is there any way that something like this could happen. I want to go back in my childhood where I still believed in fairy tales. I would love to be able to believe that there really are sirens. I would just sit by the water and wait for one to come and pick me for their own. That is what I liked about Erik and Morgan’s story.

When I read this story I fell in love with the characters. Yes Erik has always got what he wanted and is a little too full of himself. That all changes when he meets Morgan and she isn’t pulled by the siren’s calling. To say that she can bring him to his knees is a nice turn around. Morgan has always wanted a man that wasn’t too possessed over her. Someone that could just be her equal. That is what she finds in Erik. Everything changes when she finds out the real reason that she is with the sirens. She feels like she has come home but doesn’t want to give in.

I loved reading this book, when you think about sirens you usually think about them being female and to finally read one where it’s guy puts a different spin on things. I enjoy reading something new. It makes my mind work more and I become open to new ideas. The author did a great job with the plot to the story. I could just imagine being there and seeing all the colors and wonders that were described. I wanted so much to be able to lay down in a huge clam shell bed. To be able to look out the windows and see everything in the ocean. The magic was around everything. I would never want to leave. That is why I hated it when I reached the last page of this book. I had to let all my fantasies go and get back to real life. I am glad I got to experience this great adventure.

I recommend this book to people that love and still believe in the unknown and believe in their one true love.