Review: In His Shirt by Karenna Colcroft

In His Shirt by Karenna Colcroft
Release Date:  May 10, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 62
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Marielle has had a thing for her friend Rory since they met, but has never acted on it. The morning after Rory and his roommate Wayne save Marielle from a jerk at a club and bring her back to their place to sleep it off, Marielle decides it’s time to let Rory know how much she wants him. She doesn’t expect Wayne to walk in and join them—and she definitely doesn’t expect to discover Rory and have a sexual relationship—and they want to make Marielle a permanent part of it.


Review: This was a short story but boy was it hawt!!  The sexual chemistry between Marielle, Rory and Wayne was off the charts and the sex scenes were… all I can say is wow.  Since the blurb briefly gives the reader a glimmer of what the book is about I can dive right in to the crux of what I enjoyed about this book.

First of all, I have so far, never been disappointed by a book that Ellora’s Cave has published.  I’m not even kidding about this.  Whenever I see a book that I might want to read, whether it’s for the blog, or in my personal life, if I see Ellora’s Cave publishing, then I know I’ll get quality writing, a quality story and I know I’ll be a satisfied reader.  As I mentioned above, the sex scenes in this book were awesome, but the story itself, the characters and their emotions and where they end up, the real crux of the book, that was what made this book so enjoyable.

I love emotional depth, I love emotionally vulnerable characters, I love strong alpha men and smart, funny, and puts up with no crap females.  I got all that and more with this book.  The female protagonist Marielle is strong, feisty, sexually sure of herself and struggles with hiding her vulnerability.  The male protagonists Rory and Wayne are both strong alpha males who can be hurt emotionally and feel vulnerable.  This is the stuff that really makes reading these books so worth it… my humble opinion.