Review: Constant Cravings by Tracy Kitts

Constant Cravings by Tracy Kitts
Release Date:  January 10, 2013
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages:  244
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Luna Randal is a palm reader who needs help finding the creature who ate her best friend. She doesn’t believe in fairies, but fae shaman Liam Corrigan, with his lavender eyes and long white hair, is unlike anyone she’s ever met. When he sprinkles a potion in her coffee that “lifts the veil”, her eyes are opened to a whole new magical world—touchy-feely nymphs, sexy werewolves, adorable leather-clad elves and a hot-as-hell horned demigod. A world where the touch of a fae lover is as addictive as any drug, where they make love anywhere and everywhere and still their craving for each other never ceases.


Review: Luna loses her best friend in the worst way possible – by being eaten.  Now she has made it her mission to find out who, or what, did it.  On a whim, she calls a number she finds in the bathroom and so begins her relationship with Liam, a gorgeous fae shaman.

Luna was my least favorite character in this book.   You expect her to be clueless because her eyes were just opened to the paranormal world.  I know that if some guy put something in my drink and I was then able to see the far, werewolves, etc….I’d probably freak out.  She definitely has a “What the…” moment but seeing this new world, it seemed unlikely that anyone would be so calm and accepting of it.

Liam is everything that a paranormal being is supposed to be – gorgeous, tall, demanding, a fabulous lover, possessive and broken in some way.  Luna craves him after just one kiss.  He is smart and strong yet definitely has a sensitive side.  He would do anything for Luna and well, that is just how we like him.

One other character in the book really makes a splash and hopefully he gets a story too – Nym.  He is equally as sexy as Liam and funny!  You don’t mind that he is a little bit creepy with his want of Liam (in a sexual way, yes) because you get that it’s a teasing-type want.

I liked the story – it has a ton of potential.  The problem is, throughout the entire book, I kept thinking that I was missing something, almost like it was part of a series that you really should read in order.   Also, there is a lot of sex in this book, which is fine with me, but when the first sex scene involves someone asking to be choked….I don’t know.  It seemed so out of place.

All in all, I would read more books by this author