Book Tour Review & Contest: Vicious Moon by Lee Roland


Vicious Moon by Lee Roland
Series:  Earth Witches (# 3)
Release Date:  July 2, 2013
Publisher:  Signet
Pages:  320
Source:  book provided by the author for review

“A powerful witch might live a long time, but a single well-placed bullet could change that. While my preferred weapon was magic, I was not averse to shooting anyone or anything offering my sister or me harm.”

Ex-soldier and earth witch Nyx Ianira is working as a PI in San Francisco when she sees the last thing she ever wants to see: the Sisters of Justice—the mysterious earth witch police force. A Triad of Sisters usually means an execution mission, but the Sisters’ only goal is to capture and escort Nyx across the country.

Nyx is badly needed back in Twitch Crossing, Georgia, the place she ran away from ten years ago to escape the stiff rules and duties of being a true witch. She wanted a life of her own. Now she’s being dragged back to her swampy hometown because another life is in danger: Her little sister is missing, and Nyx is the only one who can track her down in Duivel, Missouri.

But the key to finding her may lie with dark and tempting Etienne—a sinister criminal with a fearsome reputation, a ruthless attitude, and a total immunity to magic….


Review:  Somehow I am drawn to the moon.  It doesn’t matter if it is in the title of a book or movie or even at night going out to look at the moon and take pictures I find it fascinating.  So, I decided Vicious Moon sounds like it would be a story about Vampires, Were beings and creatures of the night.  I found that this wasn’t the case.  Okay it had some creatures of questionable origins but, I was a little disappointed.  Instead we find ourselves ensconced with Earth Witches; which by the way I wasn’t quite sure what exactly an earth witch was and why they were so different.  I was somewhat disappointed as I never really did find out.  There were also some creatures from the underworld with ties to perhaps the Gods and Goddesses.

Nyx an ex-soldier/P.I. ran away from her life as an Earth Witch ten years ago.  Now she has been tracked down by the Sisters of Justice.  Usually when they show up as a threesome an execution in in sight, but for Nyx they are there to escort her back home to Twitch Crossings, Georgia.    I love the sound of Twitch Crossings.  How fun would it be to go there on Halloween?  When she gets home she finds out that her sister is missing and that she is the only one that can track her.  Knowing that her grandmother is unable to go Nyx finds that she is soon on her way to Duivel, Missouri a place that is there and yet it isn’t.  As she embarks on a mission to find her sister who has disappeared.

Nyx comes across a really strange town that seems to hold secrets, doesn’t care for witches and has some creatures from the underworld that are remarkably handsome and somewhat self-centered.  Then there is Etienne.  Who happens to be dark, tempting and oh so mysterious with a criminal background, an attitude and he is immune to magic.  Strange but still Nyx is drawn to him.  He holds back information from Nyx which doesn’t help in finding her sister.  They find they are both drawn to one another but Etienne has been hurt by a witch and really wants nothing to do with Nyx.  Well, okay maybe a little when it comes to sex.

Overall the story could have been done a little better.  Ms. Roland wrote a rather fast paced story that was somewhat entertaining but I found it hard to grasp where she was going at times.  I thought I would learn more about the Earth Witches and their special powers but she seemed (to me anyways); to focus more on the destruction of the town and what lies beneath it.  The connection between the witches and the underworld was a little hazy from my standpoint.   However I found out that this is the third in the series and I was a little lost.  Maybe if I read the first two stories in the series I may not have been so lost and therefore I would have been able to understand and enjoy this book a bit more perhaps.  But, that isn’t to say someone else may find it to be a really great read.




lee_rowlandLee Roland began her writing career in middle school when she wrote a short story for her brother. He turned the story in to his teacher as his own work.  To his amazement and terror, the teacher was so impressed that she read it aloud to the class—and asked him to write another one.

Lee notes that, other than motherhood, she’s never had an exciting job.  She might have dreamed of being  a lawyer, nurse or police officer, but finding the right person to share her life with changed her plans.  Her only credentials for writing are a terrific imagination, life experience and the love of words in a good story.  She reads voraciously, but particularly loves Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

Lee lives in Florida and is a full-time writer.  She is a member of RWA National and the Florida based First Coast Romance Writers.

Before being published, Lee won many RWA Chapter contests and garnered a Golden Heart nomination in 2008 with her post apocalyptic novel, LILITH’S CHILD.

Lee is the author of the Earth Witches series published by NAL, beginning with VIPER MOON in 2011.

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