Review: Uncorked by Keiko Alvarez

Uncorked by Keiko Alvarez
Release Date:  July 15, 2012
Publisher: eXtasybooks
Pages: 142
Source: book provided by the publisher for review

Sandy was a straight arrow, a church-going mother of two who kept her sexual urges under control until, that is, a chance encounter with a sexy man changed everything.  Then, like a fine bottle of champagne, she was uncorked, letting her pent up pressure explode.


Review: After I read the very short, summery I was intruded.  How would this story unfold?  I was hooked so I had to read it.  While Uncorked by Keiko Alvarez is not part of a series, I can see one based on Sandy’s explorations.

This story is about Sandy’s sexual exploration.  Sandy is a mother of two, attends church, a late bloomer, and a bit naive.  She has an innocence that is endearing even though she cheats on her husband in the beginning.

The chemistry between Sandy and any of her partners was off the chart.  The sex was very hot and steamy.  I loved how Sandy explored sex.  It did not matter if it was with her husband, with the women next door, or the guy in her class.  She jumped all in and wanted to enjoy and explore more and more.

I loved that Sandy was willing to try new and different things in regards to sex.  I loved how her husband joined in the exploration, rather than being mad, he joined in the fun.

I loved how descriptive the author was but I wish there was something to the story besides one sex scene after another.  Overall, this was a hot and sexy story.  I have read Keiko Alvarez in the past and I will be picking up more books by her in the future.


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