Review: Unbound by April Vine

Unbound by April Vine
Series: Wanton Witches (# 1)
Release Date: April 20, 2012
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 82
Source:  book provided by publisher for review

Staid and straitlaced Michelle Stein has two thoughts fueling her mind… 1. Floor the first man to walk into her antique shop. 2. Throttle her three witch-practicing aunts. They promised her a tiny spell to fix her ridiculous inhibitions, but instead mischievously delivered a full-blown, sanity-squashing lust spell. The temporary curse apparently has no boundaries, either…since the first man who walks through her door is the same man who broke her heart ten years ago. Despite Michelle’s vociferous resistance, Sebastian becomes the only man who can appease her unending physical hunger. Thirty, heirless and restless, Sebastian Gray is drawn back home to Cape Town to claim the only girl he ever loved. What he finds in her place is a hotly bewitched erotic seductress. Now with the reparation spell her aunts cast gone awry, Sebastian might be on the losing end of a futile battle against a strength-ascending hex, no matter how hard he tries to keep Michelle satiated, alive…or even just human.


Review: Michelle is shy and doesn’t do things that will get her noticed. Especially since the play she was in at six got her laughed at. Since that day she has promised herself to never admit her witches blood and just be a plain person. Her aunts give her a spell one day just to get her out of her funk. The worst thing is that it’s a lust spell and all and behold it’s the man that broke her heart that comes into her store. Sebastian doesn’t know what he is in for when he walks into Michelle’s shop. He is about to get the sex of a life time.

This was one hot erotic read. To know that the man you loved and broke you heart is the only one that can cure the lust that is going through your system is just a little too much. I don’t know what I would do if I had three witches for aunts. I know that I would love them but I would try to stay away as much as possible so that this wouldn’t happen to me. The thing that I didn’t understand was turning into a wolf. That I thought had nothing to do with being a witch. Other than that this book had a great plot and I enjoyed reading it. I think the part I liked the most was when Michelle was in the sex store and ends up stealing a dildo.

So there were some parts that were pretty funny and some that I just couldn’t believe.  I haven’t had the chance to read a book by this author before. I believe I picked a great one to jump into. The ending was pretty good and it makes me wonder if there will be more. I know I have to read and see if the other two friends find the woman for them since they drew straws to see who would take the step first into marriage and children. I will be on the lookout to see if there is anymore.


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