Review: The Rogue Steals A Bride by Amelia Grey

The Rogue Steals A Bride by Amelia Grey
Series: The Rogues’ Dynasty (# 6)
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
Pages: 352
Source:  book provided by NetGalley for review

Matson Brentwood has finally met the woman of his dreams. The lovely, red-haired Sophia Hart heats his blood like no other lady. Her alluring countenance has stopped him dead in his tracks. But no matter how attracted he is to her, he can’t give into his desire to possess her in every way because she is the ward of the man he’s sworn to hate.

Newly arrived in London, Miss Sophia Hart is in need of a husband, but not for herself. She has twin, spinster aunts and one of them has decided she wants a man. Sophia agrees to help her aunt by allowing older gentlemen to call on her and then make sure Auntie spends more time in the gentleman’s company than Sophia does. But when Sophia meets the darkly handsome and intriguing Mr. Matson Brentwood, she knows that for the first time, she in danger of losing her heart.

But there’s more than just an adversarial guardian and a long list of beaus standing between Sophia and Matson. Sophia promised her dying father she would honor his lifelong plan for her as an heiress and marry a titled gentleman. Matson isn’t titled so she must deny her love for him and make up to her father for costing him the love of his life.

Review: Sigh…sometimes you just need a good rake.

I loved how Miss Gray brought in a real rogue for this book. Matson isn’t your typical run of the mill rake. He has a past, but to be completely honest, he was such a gentleman, I couldn’t figure out what people had against him. His character was beautifully written. I was fangirling the minute we went into his POV…and maybe that’s why I had a bit of trouble with this book.

It just didn’t seem….realistic? Not that fiction has to be realistic, I mean, I’m not gonna throw stones in a glass house, but, he was so dang likeable and rich and basically everything a high stepping mama would want for their daughter. Regardless of his background, he still had good breeding, so it was strange to me that people somewhat treated him differently. I know the rules of society were strict, but money makes people talk, right?

Sophia’s reasons for not liking Matson were understandable. She liked him, lusted for him, possibly wanted to have his babies, but wasn’t willing to take that leap for him because of a promise she made to her dying father. Yet, she continued to put herself in situations where she knew Matson would be present.

Their love story didn’t seem rushed, but it did seem like all of a sudden the problem was dealt with and they got their HEA. She rejects him, he pursues her, they have a misunderstanding, and boom we have the epilogue. Again, I don’t mind books like this, but it felt like it was building up to something and then when that something happened and I was super excited…the book was finished.

In the end, I guess I feel like I read a nice fluffy book that could have been so much more. Having read Miss Grays’ books before, it’s possible I had my hopes set too high.

If you want a lighthearted, smile inducing romance, then this is the book for you.


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