Review: Safe Word by Molly Weatherfield

Safe Word by Molly Weatherfield
Release Date: April 1, 2003
Publisher:  Cleis Press
Pages: 200
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

From the author of Carrie’s Story comes the continuing tale of a young woman’s uncompromising sexual adventure. Carrie leaves behind her life with Jonathan, the S/M master who initiated her into a life of slave auctions, training regimes, and human “ponies” preening for dressage competitions. Whisked away to Greece by the demanding gentleman who has chosen her as his own, she learns new, more rigorous methods of sexual pleasure.


Review:  Carrie is a woman that knew she wanted something different in her sex life. she was tired of the old boring thing all the time. Now she has really went into even more of the unknown then when she first started. In this book we get different POV from the Dominant and the Sub.

I read Carrie’s Story and thought that I would read this one next. It was nothing I thought I would be reading. I was a little confused and thought in the last book that she had left Jonathan and now he has sold her to another Dom. I was really taken on a whole new adventure and one I wasn’t sure I wanted to be on. I just couldn’t get in the story and caught myself skipping some of it. I would start reading and put it down to do something else and then come back to it later. I try to finish something that I started but this one was hard. I am not into the horse thing. Why would you want to be like  a horse and be in races when you are a human? I just could not grasp the concept.

The story was well written and I usually enjoy reading things that are different and unknown. This one was just a little too much for me. I did have some problems with the first book, Carrie’s Story, and didn’t think this one would go way beyond the means that it did.  There were some parts of the book that I liked. Getting to know what each person was thinking was good and getting to know more about things that I didn’t know before. I like the whole whipping and bringing pain to feel pleasure. Some things I might even consider doing. I guess I just want to read something that had a happy ending. I know everything doesn’t come with one but with this series you just never know what you will get. I am glad that I for through it as much as I could.

If this is the thing you are into then this could be the book for you. For me I just couldn’t get into it.