Review: Once Prey, Twice Forsaken by Tiffany Allee

Once Prey, Twice Forsaken by Tiffany Allee
Release Date: June 11, 2012
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Pages: 53
Source:  book provided by the publisher for review

Nearly two years have passed since vampires invaded the human cities and were repelled with the help of witches. David Carr is a Hunter, a witch who uses his abilities to hunt the remaining rogue bloodsuckers. Concentrating on the hunt provides escape from the ever present guilt he feels over abandoning his human lover, Blaire Slater shortly before the war began. Fleeing the vampires who changed her, Blaire finds herself pursued by a Hunter. When forced to face the witch who stalks her, she discovers her lost love, David, now her unwitting natural enemy. Will Blaire prove she is still the woman he fell in love with–despite her thirst for blood? Will David come to forgive himself for his key role in her fate? Together can they prove that once prey does not mean always forsaken?


Review: Blaire has been turned into a vampire but she isn’t like the other vampires. The only thing that happened when she turned into a vampire was it brought her inner strength out into the open and the beauty that not everyone could see. She is on the run from vampires and witches. Witches because they are killing all the vampires from turning humans and vampires are just killing for fun. David is a witch and is running after a vampire. What each doesn’t know is that they knew each other two years earlier and they were in love.

I had to read this book because I got a hold of another book by this author which was Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid. I really loved that book and thought that I should read another book by this author. I enjoyed reading about vampires that can eat regular food and don’t have to depend on blood to survive. The only thing that I didn’t like was that this book was short. Just when I started getting into the book it was over. I liked reading about witches and vampires and the fight for the good. It was a book that kept my attention and I hope there is more about this story to come.

In this book you get to see how love conquers all and that it can bring enemies closer together. I would recommend anyone to read this book that likes a short story about vampires and witches in a different light.